Battery Heated Pants And Base Layer

Are you an outdoor person? Do you hate waiting for warm weather to spend fun time outside? Did you have a chance to discover the joy and comfort of battery heated clothing?

These heated gear and warm apparel let you enjoy hunting, motorcycle riding or any other activity even in chilly winter days!

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Battery Heated Pants

heated pants

When the low temperature begins to bother you, this heated base layer bottom will keep you warm.

heated pants liner

It will keep you dry and warm in two ways: with three separate zones of warmth and with a synthetic poly-spandex material that kicks moisture away.

This electric trousers have three heating elements: 1 on each knee and 1 on rear hips.

battery heated pants

The heating system in the pant liner uses flexible hair-thin carbon micro fibers as heat conductors. They allow you full range of motion and are almost undetectable.

Pants are powered by the long lasting lithium ion battery.

A built-in exterior controller that flips over your outwear pants allows you easy access to the 3 temperature settings.

When you set the temperature control to maximum, your bottom and legs will stay toasty for 2 hours (5 hours on low setting).

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When your turn the pants on, they boost heat for five minutes to quickly get you warm and comfortable. After that, they automatically switch to low setting.

Although the pants have a compression fit, they are breathable so your body’s natural heat can’t escape while the cold can’t penetrate in.

They are lined with fleece, making them truly comfortable and soft.

electric heated pants

Both men and women can wear them. Available in different waist/inseam sizes.

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Heated Base Layer

heated base layer

volt heated base layer

This garment is lightweight and non-bulky. It provides soothing heat but also wicks away moisture to keep you dry.

The layer is made of a micro polyester/spandex material. A brushed fleece lining makes it a really comfortable fit.

battery heated base layer

heated base layer clothing

The heating system consists of two panels located in the middle of the back.

Built-in 4 level microprocessor controller allows you to select desired temperature.

The base layer generates over 170 degrees of heat for 3.5 hours on the highest setting and up to 15 hours on the lowest level.

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Feel the comforting warmth throughout your body with these outstanding clothes.





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