Best Battery Heated Vests Reviews

For true outdoorsmen, camping, hunting and other activities don’t end with cold days. For them, every day is perfect for spending time outside.

Thanks to the battery powered heated vests, things are much easier. The heat produced by this clothing can boost the outside fun experience tenfold.

Here are four of the best models you can find on the market. (Click here to see the biggest selection of heated vests.)

Verseo ThermoVest

You can use this heated vest as liner under a jacket or as regular vest. Heat is distributed by micro-thin stretchable carbon fibers.

There are three temperature control settings for providing constant heat:

  • on high setting up to 3 – 3.5 hours
  • on low-medium setting up to 7 – 7.5 hours.




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Volt Cracow

battery heated vest

This vest is ultra-lightweight with outstanding heat retention!

It’s made of really soft denier nylon quilted shell and 80 grams of a material that has incredible insulating properties. It means that the vest holds the warmth superbly, keeping you warm in even the freeziest weather.

electric heated vest

Four panel heating system is operated by powerful rechargeable lithium battery.

You can choose desired heat output with built-in 4 level microprocessor controller.

It provides over 150°F of heat for 2.5 hours on the highest setting and about ten hours on the lowest setting.

You can wear it on your own or as a mid-layer.

There is also version for women. It has all of the same functionality as the men’s. The main difference is the cut and design that emphasizes woman’s body.

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Volt Golo

best heated vest

This is another great electric vest that is very comfortable and lightweight.

Its style is so versatile and beautiful that you can wear it for almost any occasion.

It feels like a part of your body thanks to a fitted cut and a 4-way stretch fabric.

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The fabric is waterproof and breathable as well as highly elastic. A quilted front panel insulates the core.

All these features give you full range of motion without any restriction.

battery powered heated vest

Three zone heating system is made of 2 panels in the chest and a large panel in the back.

The battery produces up to 170 degrees F of heat for 2+ hours on the highest setting. There are four heat settings controlled by a microprocessor.

With this battery heated vest you will easily survive the cold and wind while looking better than anyone else!

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Volt Torso

battery operated heated vest

This vest liner is slim, lightweight and has very low profile design. As a result, it unbelievably feels like a part of your body.

The heating system and battery are identical to the previous two vests.

heated vests

The only difference is that there are four small heating pads: 2 on top of the shoulders, 1 in the upper spine, and 1 in the small of the back. No heating pads in the chest.

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Volt-Rechargeable -Heated-Vest

This fleece vest gives you instant heat with the push of a button. You will stay warm for hours with Zero Layer 7v heating technology.

This lightweight vest uses three zone heating system, providing heat in the main body areas. The Coho is powered by a rechargeable lithium battery pack that is controlled by a built-in microprocessor.


You can regulate the temperature output with four different levels:

  • 100% High – 2 hours
  • 75% Med/High – 3.5 hours
  • 50% Medium – 5 hours
  • 25% Low – 8+ hours

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heated hunting vest

This vest is made of wind and rain repellent soft polyester. A high collar makes it more comfortable.

It evenly distributes heat – in other words, warmth is not concentrated in the front or back.

Its lithium-ion battery generates heat for more than four hours on the highest setting. When used on the lowest level, the battery can last up to 12 hours.

The controller has three temperature settings, from 30-70°C. In just one to two minutes you will feel heat through the elements in the clothing.

rechargeable heated vest

The heating elements can be completely removed, which make it very easy to clean.


In the end, no matter what version you get, I would recommend you to buy additional batteries because they take 4-5 hours for recharging.

So get one of these battery powered heated vests and their warmth will make you comfortable on cold, miserable days.

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