4 Best Heated Shoe/Boot Insoles Review (Rechargeable)

Battery heated foot insoles for boots and shoes are perfect for people who spend time outdoors during the cold winter days. They are also used by men and women who constantly suffer from cold feet and poor circulation.

The best brands of heated insoles are ThermaCELL, ThermoSoles, Glovii, Digitsole and Hotronic. (Click here to see the biggest selection of heated insoles for boots or shoes!)



They are one of the most affordable yet high quality insoles. When fully recharged, they last up to 8 hours on one charge!

They have a shock-absorbing and ergonomically shaped Polyurethane bottom, providing not only pleasant warmth but great comfort as well.

Each insole comes with a built-in Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery with and on and off switch.

Once you turn them on, integrated thermostats in the soles will be activated when the temperature drops to 89 degrees F. When the temperature reaches 106 degrees F, the heating mode will be deactivated. Winter Battery Heated Foot Insoles.



These remote-controlled insoles provide total comfort in freezing conditions. Unlike heated boots, these inserts can be used in most of your footwear.

Perfect for early season fishing, hunting, working outdoors or commuting – virtually any cold weather activity.

With remote feature, you can control the heat at the push of a button. Choose from high, medium and no heat.

Smart technology insures batteries in each insole are fully charged and with battery’s life up to 500 cycles, you’ll be enjoying your ThermaCELL for years to come.

Battery charge last up to five hours of continuous use, much longer when used at various intervals. Rechargeable lithium-ion polymer batteries are embedded in the foot warmer insoles so there are no wires.

They are water-resistant with a soft cushion design, yet are built to withstand rigorous use. They can be trimmed for an exact fit to your shoe size.

There is new version ThermaCELL called ProFlex.


The main thing about this model is that they are world’s only insole with removable, integrated battery. This means that you can buy additional batteries, which is great if you are going to be out all day and need more than five hours of heat at a time.



These come with a simple remote control and the heating pad is made of carbon fiber composite material that is very strong and flexible.

Because this material radiates far-infrared heat, it will not only warm your feet, but also promote blood circulation.

They are made of high quality Ortholite material, which provides a soft and comfortable experience. The heating system is powered by high capacity li-polymer battery.

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These are not just heated insoles – they are an interactive product. They feature an activity tracker, which is very precise, so you can keep an accurate count of your steps, distance walked and calories burned. You only need the Digitsole app for this.

You can control them via your smartphone – they are handled and monitored via the app.

They weight only 3.5 ounces and are only slightly over ½” thick at the heel and less than ¼” at the toe section.

This water-resistant, ergonomic insole has a shock heel system, arch support, flex zone, and sidewalls. They heat up to 113 degrees F and have up to 8 hours of battery life – depending on usage.

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