8 Terrific Electric Heated Winter Jackets

Hate waiting around for spring to enjoy spending time outdoor? Now’s the time to fall in love with battery heated jackets!

Whether it’s motorcycle riding, hunting, fishing, skiing, boating or outdoor spectator sports, electric jackets can add warmth and comfort to your winter activities and extend both the time and pleasure of cold-weather recreation.

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Here eight of the best battery powered heated jackets for men and women:

Volt Cracow

Volt Golo


ActionHeat (revolutionary product)




Gerbing’s Core Heat


Ansai Mobile Warming


Milwaukee M12




There are many other great models. Click here to find more about these and other electric jackets.

You can be sure that they will keep you warm in all bad weather conditions. They provide a regulated even-heat with different heat settings for hours with just one charge.

They usually have a three-zone heating system with 2 panels or carbon fibers in the chest and one in the back. However, some of them, such as Milwaukee, has carbon fiber heating zones in pockets as well.

They have a rugged wind and water resistant shell that keeps weather out while improved insulation holds heat in to maximize warmth. The lightweight construction and flexibility keep you comfortable allowing you to focus on what you are doing not how cold and wet you are.

The jackets are powered by rechargeable batteries, usually with built-in 4-level thermo-regulating controls. Maximum temperature is typically 135°F at full power (some even 170 degrees).

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