Best Heated Camo Hunting Jacket

Here you will discover two heated hunting jackets that will keep you cozy and comfortable even in the worst winter conditions.

MyCore Control Heated Hunting Jacket

This jacket not only looks and feels great, it’s really warm and very easy to use.

It incorporates technology that actually affects and raises your body’s core temperature.

Press the control button on the right side of your chest to control the heat of your jacket. From there you can cycle through the high, medium and low settings.

Your jacket will warm your body for six, nine or twelve hours respectively, depending on the setting you choose.

There is a controller inside the right chest pocket which holds all the data that makes your jacket function. It also supplies power to the garment. There’s a drone inside the left chest pocket which holds a larger group of batteries and is the jacket’s main power supply.

heated camo jacket

The heated zones are at the pulse point on your inner wrist. Your circulatory system becomes the jacket’s radiator and your heated blood is pumped through your entire body by means of your heart.

Charging the jacket is easy. Just plug the included charger into the controller’s charger output and into any standard outlet.

The jacket itself is very well made. You’re going to get what you pay for. The fabric on it is a really thick fabric. The coat itself, without having the heat on, will actually keep you really warm.

It’s made of 100% polyester and the front closes with both a zipper and snaps. With elastic and velcro securing wrists. The pockets are well made, they have zippers on them.

My overall opinion of this heated hunting jacket is VERY favorable!

Here is another good model:

Gerbing Gyde Torrid Heated Softshell Camouflage Jacket

It is a premium model designed for hunting in cold weather.

heated hunting jacket

It comes with a 7V rechargeable lithium-ion battery with 4 power settings that take it up to 135 degrees for two hours or at a 25% power output for up to 8 hours of continuous use (3 hours at 75%, 5 hours at 50%).

This heated hunting jacket is breathable, water and wind resistant.

It features genuine Real Tree Xtra printed camouflage.

Element protection is provided in three ways:

  • flexible 4-way stretch fabric that is more durable than other soft shell garments
  • DWR finish to repel snow and rain
  • the soft shell is bonded to a fleece lining to add to the warmth and to provide great comfort with an amazing next-to-skin feel

This battery-powered jacket features 4 microwire heating zones:

  • 1 in the collar
  • 2 in the chest
  • 1 in the back

7 volt battery heats the zones within 30 seconds. You can control it manually or by Bluetooth.

See this heated jacket.

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