Heated Hunting Clothes & Gear For Cold Weather

Extreme cold weather requires heated hunting clothes and gear! Hunters who have already used them have expressed their joy and happiness.

Get the following heated hunting clothes and gear and you will get 100 percent satisfaction and comfort. Cover your body with cozy warmth that will protect your body from severe cold:

Gerbing’s Hunting Sport Blind Heated Seat Cushion

Gerbing's Hunting Sport Blind Heated Seat Cushion

You can easily install it in your layout blind to keep you warm and comfy when the ground is frozen.

It provides pleasant warmth for your lower back and legs.

You can sit on it, lie on it, kneel on it, or use it as a heated dog bed.

It’s portable so you can use the cushion to keep you warm in other situations as well: in the boat, on the ice, at the ballgame or even in your car.

7V 4Ah lithium battery has a microprocessor controller that you can use to regulate five heat settings:

  • 135°F – 2 hours
  • 120°F – 3 hours
  • 110°F – 4 hours
  • 100°F – 5 hours
  • 85°F – 7 hours

Chaheati MAXX Battery Heated Chair

Chaheati MAXX Battery Heated Chair

It has four temperature settings and is element resistant.

It uses a woven heating technology and a tidy lithium-ion rechargeable battery provides three heat levels:

  • low 100F – 7 hours
  • medium 113F – 4 hours
  • high – 131F – 2 hours

There also a USB port to charge your phone while you heat your chair.

Chair weighs 12lbs, can be folded with carrying case included.

Your hunting expedition will be more enjoyable with these clothes and gear. They have been splendidly manufactured with the usage of highly sophisticated technology. They have high quality and eye catching design that will certainly attract others to wear and use them.

If you are an avid hunter or tripper, you need to get some of these – they are long lasting, durable and easy to use. It will keep you in healthy condition during the roughness of winter season.

Light in weight and high in quality, you can comfortably use these clothing and gear for participating in hunting expedition.

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