5 GREAT Rechargeable Battery Operated Heated Gloves

If you like to spend time outside during cold fall and winter days you know that your hands are the first to get frozen. Keeping your hands warm is crucial to enjoying yourself in the outdoors.

Rechargeable heated gloves are the perfect solution – they provide instant warmth for your hands!

They are very easy to use and safe to wear. They have heating elements built into them that are operated by batteries.

Since there are many electric heated gloves, it can be daunting to select those that will fit you best.

As with any other products, you get what you pay for! Click here to see the biggest selection of heated gloves!

There are cheap and very expensive models. Some (less quality) are powered by “AA” batteries, while many (high quality) use rechargeable ion-lithium batteries.

rechargeable ion-lithium batteries

Those over $129 usually have heating elements in both the hand and the fingers. Those under $129 generally do not have heat in fingers.

heating elements in both the hand and the fingers

If you are looking for well made and long-lasting battery heated gloves, you should buy pricier gloves, somewhere in $150-$250 range.

The quality and efficiency go up immensely as the price increases.

When shopping for these items, people often ask “which heated gloves should I wear?” Typical response is “depends on what you are doing.” Here are a few suggestions:

Gerbing S3

rechargeable battery operated heated gloves

One of the best heated gloves in the world. They provide full hand heat to the fingertips. They are waterproof, dexterous and durable. They are not too thick, giving full dexterity. With on-cuff control, you get up to 8 hours of heat.

Venture Heat Epic 2

Venture Heat Epic 2 Battery Heated Gloves

One of the best sellers of all time. They boast great heat for all cold weather outdoor activities. A duel battery system is small, almost unnoticeable, reducing the bulk around your wrist and giving you a very comfortable feel. Lightweight lithium ion batteries provide heat for up to 5 straight hours. They have  weatherproof shell and waterproof lining and are touch screen compatible.

Ansai Mobile Warming LTD Max Leather

Ansai Mobile Warming LTD Max Leather

One of only a few waterproof heated gloves. Very stylish and comfortable, they are made of ultra breathable, waterproof material with goat skin shell and Merino wool liner. You can switch between 4 different heat settings, providing up to 10 hours of soothing warmth.

Volt Titan

Volt Titan 7V Waterproof Leather Heated Gloves for Men

These are also made of waterproof leather. They completely surround your hand with warmth – heat is distributed throughout the entire length of each finger but also to the back and palm sides of the glove. The underside of the glove have extra leather palm protection to help with longevity in common wearing spots. You can select desired heat output  with built-in 4 level microprocessor controller. You get over 150 degrees of heat for 3 hours on the highest setting and up to 12 hours on the lowest setting.



These gloves provide up to 13 hours of 87°F heat on their lowest setting. On their highest setting, the gloves generate 126°F for 3 3/4 hours. Made with a soft Thinsulate lining and waterproof material – soft inside and flexible outside, making grasping items very easy. Change the temperature to one of four levels by pressing battery’s large button.

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There are many more great battery heated gloves. Click here to see them all or to buy those mentioned here!

Here are four models for specific needs:

Heated Work Gloves For Cold Winter Weather

Heated Ski Gloves

Heated Hunting Gloves

Heated Motorcycle Gloves

Or you can see the best electric gloves selection, including most popular brands such as Gerbing, Venture Heat, Volt Resistance, etc:

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