12V Heated Motorcycle Insoles, Socks

Keeping your feet warm is critical for your comfort and safety while riding your bike.

These products will provide unlimited warmth during the cold fall/winter days.

Gerbing Heated Insoles

motorcycle heated insoles

Basically what this is it’s a heated boot liner replacement. So this is going to replace the insole in your shoe. It’s rubberized, it’s comfortable and has Gerbing’s microwire built into it.

It has a connector that is going to connect it to your Gerbing’s temperature controller and you’re going to be able to ratchet up or ratchet down the heat in your boots up to 135 degrees. It heats entire surface area of your foot.

Notice that at the top of the insole there is a nice feature. They gave you some distance to trim. There are a couple different lines that with a sharp pair of scissors or a knife you can trim off and get the perfect fit within your shoe.

It’s a medium arch with a nice little heel cup. It’s gonna be comfortable and warm.

It comes with a battery harness. You do not need to buy anything special aside from a temperature controller to use this product. Even if you don’t have the Gerbing’s heated pant liners that have at the bottom of each leg a connector that these two connect to, it comes with a long wire harness.

How this would work?

Power from the battery goes to a temperature control unit, either a single or a dual. If you think you’re gonna have more than one piece, start out with a dual unit because it gives you the flexibility to do dual zone.

Your power is going to go to the middle of the split and then down from your waist, down each leg and at the bottom of your pant, you will snake out the power connector and connect to your boot liner and tuck it into your pant.

The nice part about microwave is it goes from zero to heated in four seconds. It was developed on technology that’s way past copper wiring that you see in some other models. It is basically Department of Defense standard.

The size starts very easy, based on what your shoe size is.

Gerbing Gyde Heated Insoles

12v heated insoles

This model is very similar to the previous one but it has one big difference.

You can connect it to your motorcycle’s electrical power but you can also power them from one of Gerbing’s optional 12V Lithium battery packs.

This means that you can use them while walking, dining and more, all the time enjoying pleasant warmth.

TourMaster Synergy 2.0 Heated Insoles


These insoles have elements throughout the entire insole so your whole foot stays nice and warm.

They’re unisex, machine washable and available in shoe sizes 7 to 14.

These insoles are weatherproof and designed to be used individually or in conjunction with the heated pants.

These don’t come with a controller so if you’re planning on wearing these without the heated pant liners, remember to purchase a power lead, an extended V splitter and a controller.

To wire your insoles into your heated pant liners, simply connect the connector from the insole into the connector of the cuff of the pant leg and you’re ready to go.

To use insoles by themselves or in conjunction with the chap liners, simply install the power lead to your battery.

Remember to install accessory leads beneath your motorcycle’s battery cable ends whenever possible. This will keep you from cracking the accessory terminals when you torque down the battery hardware and will also help you reduce the chance of your battery hardware coming loose.

Next run the extended V split connector through the legs of the pants and out the cuffs. Connect the insole connectors to the splitter connectors. Connect the upper V split connector to either a dual or single rheostat controller.

Once you’ve started your motorcycle, you can connect the controller to the power lead and set the rheostat to the desired heat setting.

Gerbing Gyde Heated Sock Liner

heated motorcycle socks

Like other Gerbing products, these socks are also powered by company’s 12V heating technology and use patented microwire heating elements.

These are designed to connect directly to your motorcycling battery and they fit snugly around each foot. They deliver heat to the tops as well as the bottoms of your feet.

Made from a special lightweight, four-way stretch material that provides moisture-wicking.

Perfect fit for left and right foot.

Warm & Safe Heated Socks


They provide heat in the toe area where bikers usually get cold from wind.

Made from micro fleece, they are very comfortable and aren’t too bulky to fit in your boots.

Technical fabric makes them thin, soft with the ability to wicks moisture.

You can connect them using heated pants or power them from the motorcycle battery or the 7.4V portable battery pack.

California Heat 12V Heated Sock Liners


They are made of a polyester cotton blend.

They use Finewire heating technology on the bottom of the foot and wrapped around the top of the toes.

You can plug them into the bottom of your heated pants or you can hook them up to a y-harness that runs down your pant legs and plugs into the controller.

See also battery heated insoles.


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