Heated Balaclava (2 Great Models)

Here you will find out about two great models of heated balaclava.

ActionHeat 5V Battery Heated Balaclava

heated balaclava actionheat

ActionHeat battery heated apparel specializes in keeping you warm no matter the temperature.

ActionHeat now offers the 5 volt battery heated balaclava to its line of innovative products.

It features a fleece blended material, which provides you with a comfortable fit to retain heat naturally, produced from your head, while still producing customizable heat.

The ears of this balaclava feature large heating pads, which emit a pleasant warming sensation that can be controlled to your likeness.

To power on your ActionHeat heated balaclava, simply charge your included power bank and plug it into the pocket on the back of the balaclava.

The battery fits comfortably and remains barely noticeable.

Once the balaclava is powered on, the heating elements quickly heat up your ears in under 30 seconds. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery delivers three levels of heat, which are controlled by the button on the front of the balaclava.

heated balaclava

The low setting is blue and provides up to 12 hours of heat.

The medium setting is white and provides up to 5 hours of heat.

The highest setting is red, which will provide 3 hours of heat.

You can view the settings information on the back of the packaging for a more visual guide.

Using thermal imagery we can see the active heating panels going to work, with temperatures that could reach up to 130 degrees Fahrenheit.

thermal imagery balaclava

When it comes to material, breathable and stretchy fleece is water-resistant and sheds rain and snow.

An advanced insulation layer traps heat, while carbon fiber heating panels are ultra fine.

There are 5 unique ways you can wear your battery heated balaclava, which you can find instructions for on the back of the packaging.

ways to wear balalava

Starting with the basic is balaclava. Next is the hood, which you can use by lowering the frontal portion of the balaclava.

The face mask, which you can use by pulling up the frontal portion and lowering the hood.

You can utilize it as a scarf by lowering the face mask below your chin area.

Finally, you can use it as a carry bag. Just tighten the two pull strings on each of the two openings of the balaclava and throw it over your shoulder for a comfortable and quick way to carry your belongings.

With years of experience specializing in heated clothing, the ActionHeat 5 volt heated balaclava is ready to take on any storm.

Available as unisex – one size fits most.

California Heat Heated Balaclava

California heat battery heated balaclava liner

It provides full-face cover and protects against frozen conditions while riding a motorcycle, hunting, hiking, skiing or working outdoors!

Thanks to its design, you can quickly and easily pivot from full face mask to open balaclava.

You can wear it alone or comfortably underneath any helmet because it’s made of thin material.


It’s made from a lightweight 4-way stretch 95% polyester and 5% Spandex.

It provides heat using FINEWIRE Technology, with heating elements located over both ears. However, fabric is facilitating the warmth to resonate throughout your head and neck.

The balaclava starts warming your head and face within seconds using a rechargeable 7V Li-Ion battery.


Max heat is 135° F and it lasts for 5-12 hours depending on the setting.

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