Best 12V Heated Motorcycle Gloves

Who says riding your motorcycle must be limited to warm days? You can have a lot of fun riding your bike in the cold weather of winter at a mere 30 degrees and all you need is electric motorcycle gloves.

Here are some of the best heated riding gloves on the market:

Gerbing T5 Hybrid – 12V Heated Riding Gloves

best heated motorcycle gloves

The T5 glove primarily gets its power from a 12-volt power source, which is your motorcycle. So it’s going to connect to the power source to the controller to the bike.

The T5 is a mixture of textile and leather, it’s insulated and has the Aqua Tex waterproof breathable liner.

But the beauty of the hybrid system is that you also have the ability to buy separate Gerbing’s lithium-ion battery power pack. It is a set of batteries for less than $50. They provide from one to four hours of heat at 135 degrees depending on how you tune the setting and they would move right into the back of your hand. So it’s very nice that they’re giving you that option.

You don’t have to buy that option, you don’t have to go with the lithium-ion rechargeable battery. What you can do is you can do standard install to your bike.

Looking at the glove itself: cowhide leather palm, a reinforcement area to control patch, some light reinforcement along the heel of the hand. Next is the strap. I like how the strap is done, it comes under the ball of the thumb, keeps everything in place, moving into full gauntlet.

The back of the hand will be textile, you’re gonna have an area of elastication for flexibility and then you can also see reflective piping.

True three season cold weather touring glove. There’s not a lot that Mother Nature can throw at this bad boy that it won’t be able to defend against.

Now moving forward into the glove line. Gerbing is using a red fleece material on the inside, it’s very comfortable and ties in with the Thinsulate liner. So you’re now getting that fleecing material on the interior of all their gloves.

Over time, if the direct water repellency on the outside of the glove starts to fade, you can always use something like a Nick wax style product on the leather to increase or replenish that DWR.

Now let’s talk about microwire and the heating elements.

It’s tiny, stainless steel bundles of wire that are very flexible and go from zero to heat in four seconds. So you go from one hundred grams of Thinsulate that’s baked into the product to the full double layer of micro wire in the back of the hand into the fingers, single layer of micro wire for heat in the palm, to a fully heated glove connecting to your motorcycle. It’s durable and it won’t wear out over time.

Here’s what you get when you buy the T5 glove.

You’re going to get a connector for the battery on your bike, you get a Y cable that you put down the sleeves of any jacket that connect to the controller, then you’re gonna get some fuses.

What you do need to buy with any Gerbing product that you’re buying for the first time is you need to buy a controller and this is going to be your heat controller that allows you to adjust your heat from high to low to off and this is what connects directly to the cord that connects to your battery.

It comes in a single and dual controller version. I always recommend the dual because folks typically once they start to have one component of heated clothing, they’re going on a jacket liner, they might buy a heated vest, they might buy a pair of pants. It gives you flexibility moving forward and you can buy that controller once and have the ability to move forward in the way that you see fit.

The other way that you would use this glove is that you’d connect it to the Gerbing heated jacket liner if you have it and this connection cable goes directly to the connection cable coming off the jacket liner itself.

This is truly one of the best heated motorcycle gloves that I recommend with all my heart.

Gerbing G3 Heated 12V Motorcycle Gloves

electric motorcycle gloves

This system is very simple. The battery harness connects to your motorcycle or ATV’s battery. It does have a fuse which can be replaced if needed.

On the end, there is a connection that will lead to a splitter and the splitter will lead all the way up and connect directly to each glove.

So without the temperature controller, you’ll be at full heat throughout your ride. It will provide heat directly from your motorcycle’s battery port.

The G3 glove does have a padded leather palm. The entire outer of the glove is leather. It does have a waterproof and windproof lining for comfort and warmth. The adjustable strap fastens tightly around your wrist while you’re riding.

They’re very durable. Some of the best heated gloves available on the market and if you want you can also purchase separately a temperature controller. It will go directly between the battery harness and your G3 heated gloves. It will let you adjust the temperature depending on how hot or cold it is outside.

The G3 heated gloves provide amazing dexterity while you’re riding so you can grab the throttle, you can use your hands very freely. It provides full hand heating, ultimate warmth and comfort.

They use Thinsulate lining so they’re warm glove even without the battery.

Gerbing Gyde Vanguard Heated Riding Gloves

12v heated gloves

You’re getting Gerbing micro wire heat throughout. Zero to heat in under three seconds. It’s going to power directly from the 12-volt source on your bike.

Remember you’re gonna want to buy a heated controller to go with this but it does come with a wiring harness to connect it directly to the battery if you just want to go full heat all the time.

If we look at the rest of the glove, it’s full gauntlet, full coverage, big hard knuckle protection, you even have super fabric working its way in.

Gyde uses microwire technology originally developed by Gerbing and that is different than copper wire technology. It’s more durable, it heats up faster, it’s more flexible, it will not wear out on you. So that’s what you’re making that investment in and you’re investing in premium stuff that’s gonna last a long time.

This glove does have 150 grams of Thinsulate in it, so it is going to be warm even with the heat turned off. You’ll get three season, cold weather – fall, winter, spring and there’s an Aqua Tex waterproof membrane baked in but it’s not a full waterproof glove – it’s actually gonna be water resistant.

So if you’re riding in torrential downpour for hours at a time, you’re probably gonna get some seepage at some point. They’re saying that’s okay.

Working front to back. You’re gonna notice that it is a full gauntlet. I like that. It’s an over the cuff of your jacket design moving down.

The other thing I really like is the knuckle. It’s a hard knuckle and it lives on its own panel, so it works with you and they baked an elastication behind the scenes. It also has a reflective piping along the outside.

Moving into the fingers, more micro elastication and you’re going to have some temper foam in the knuckles.

There is the multi-touch finger, so the point finger is actually gonna work with your iPhone or your Android or your multi-touch device.

Now moving into the palm. Light, pre-curved with the rubberized panel and they gave you super fabric. If you’re new to super fabric – tiny laser welded ceramic plates that slide four times longer than leather and they are baked on top of a temper foam landing zone for impact and up along the pinky to help it a low side style crash.

There is the 90-degree connector and it’s a ninety degree because it’s harder than to pull it apart if you just happen to tug on it. This is gonna connect to either your Gyde jacket liner or your Y cable that’s included that runs all the way up the sleeve down to your waist and will ultimately connect to the bike.

You want to buy either a wired, wireless or a Bluetooth heat controller so that you can regulate the temperature on your Vanguard gloves.

There are other great 12V models on the market that you should definitely check out. Some of them are:

  • Volt Heat MOTO
  • Mobile Warming Barra Leather/Textile
  • California Heat
  • Powerlet Atomic Skin Microclimate H1 Glove Liner w/ 5 Position Controller
  • Venture Heat Heated Carbon Fiber Knuckle
  • Glovii 12V Heated Motorcycle Glove Liners
  • TourMaster Synergy 2.0 Electrically Heated Leather Gloves
  • Warm & Safe The Rider Classic Style
  • EXO2 StormGuard

Click here for more info about these models!

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