Best Chemical Toe & Foot Warmers

These are the best chemical toe and foot warmers that last for hours. There’s an adhesive peel-off backing. You peel it off and place it on top of your socks above or under your toes, whether it’s in your shoes or in your boots.

They are your best friend during the winter months!

HotHands Toe Warmers, 40 Pack Case

best chemical toe warmers


These are ultra thin, rectangular shaped, air-activated, disposable heat packs that provide up to 8 hours of safe and natural warmth for your toes. They have adhesive on one side so they stays where you stick them.

Grabber Toe Warmers, 40 Pair Box

best toe warmers


With an average temperature of 135F, these lightweight and thin packs keep your toes warm for 6+ hours. They are made with environmentally safe and non-toxic materials and are designed to work in the low oxygen environment of boots and shoes.

Therm-ic Toe Warmer, Box with 20 Pairs

adhesive toe warmers

therm-ic toe warmer

They are specifically made to fit the shape of the foot. They are ultra-thin and can be worn throughout any outdoor activity. Just open the package and stick the warmers to the forefoot area of the socks. They heat up quickly and can keep you warm for up to 6 hours.

HotHands Insole Foot Warmers, 16 Pairs

best foot warmers

insole foot warmers

Full-length foot warmers that can be used inside shoes or boots. They’re single-use air-activated heat packs that can keep your feet warm for up to 9 hours. With adhesive on one side.

Grabber Insole Foot Warmers, 30 Pair Case

camping foot warmers


These provide 5+ hours of continuous warmth for your feet. Available in small/medium and medium/large sizes. Average temperature 95F, max temperature 102F.

These toe and foot chemical warmers are standard equipment for skiing or working outside. They are used by skiers, snowboarders, campers, hikers, hunters, birdwatchers or anyone who enjoys outdoor activities in cold weather.

But they are also used for heat therapy. If you suffer from cold feet and toes due to conditions such as arthritis, Raynaud’s, lupus, myalgia or just poor blood circulation, these warmers provide soothing warmth.

The main difference between foot warmers toe warmers is size. Both are meant to be used in your boots or in your shoes,

The toe warmers come with an adhesive peel off backing and are attached either on top of your toes to your sock or underneath your toes on your sock.

The foot warmer is a full insole warmer that heats your entire foot. It’s not adhesive. It slides right in your shoe or boot .

Which one should you use?

If your toes are cold, use toe warmers. They’re less expensive. If your foot is cold, use the foot warmers.

Do not apply these directly to the skin.

One of the things about the toe and foot warmers is you do not need to shake them. Also that thicker socks are better.

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