Best Battery Operated Hand Warmers (Rechargeable)

Chilly days are back! This means that daily outdoor activities are a little more difficult to get done.

A dose of warmth will make you more active and comfortable during this cold season.

Take a look at the best electric hand warmers and see how they can help in making your outdoor experience more pleasurable.

Here are some of the best battery operated hand warmers:

ThermaCELL Heat Packs Rechargeable Hand Warmers

best hand warmers

ThermaCELL always makes cool stuff and recently they come out with this rechargeable little hand heater called Heat Packs. These things are so cool.

This thing is actually run by electricity. They go up to 104 degrees (low), 113 degrees (medium) and 122 degrees (high).

When it comes to operating these things, it’s pretty easy. There is an LED and a button on one side. You press the button once, hold it in, you get one beep of the LED, it tells you that it’s in low. Hold it in a second time, two beeps on the LED will tell you it’s medium. Pulling it in a third time, three beeps of the LED tell you that it’s in high mode and then hold it in one more time to turn it off when they get too warm.

These are rechargeable and a charge will last for 2 to 6 hours depending on the heat setting that you choose.

battery operated hand warmers

You can slip them inside your glove to keep your fingers warm but they can also fit in pockets. The warmers are shock-resistant and water-resistant.

You get two hand warmers equipped with integrated rechargeable batteries, one USB wall charger and 2 USB cords.

To charge them, simply push the charger unit into the charging port on the warmer and a red LED will denote that the thing is charging. Once it’s charged (in about 4 hours) you’ll see a green LED to let you know that it’s fully charged. You can recharge them 500 times.

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iHateTheCold Rechargeable 8800mAh USB Hand Warmer

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If you are looking for a handy and portable device to stay warm, this is great product for you. It’s light weight, convenient, stylish and easy to use. It’s simple to turn on and off, using the slider switch.

It’s made of high quality, aircraft grade aluminum casing. It is powered by rechargeable 8800mAh Lithium-Ion battery that can be recharged up to 500 times.

The device automatically regulates and throttles temperature, providing even heat and preventing overheating.

There are two temperature settings: low 41C (about 8 hours run time) and high 49C (about 7 hours run time).

You can extend heating times by using a form of insulation such as placing it in your gloves, pockets or scarf.

The iHatetheCold hand warmer also acts as a portable battery charger for your phone and other electronic devices.

It also has a powerful LED flashlight and strobelight. Includes a micro USB cable.

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G-Tech Battery Heated Hand Warmer Muff

rechargeable hand warmers

Main features:

Advanced fabric technology – layered system traps heat in the unit, which uses less power to maintain performance.

Hydrophobic fabric – weather resistant moisture-wicking fabric technology keeps sweat and odor out and keeps dry heat in.

Premium construction – made from 100% high-grade performance fabric designed in Canada.

LED thermadjust settings – easily change between 3 heat levels by pressing a button.

Lithium polymer high-performance batteries – rechargeable batteries provide up to 5 hours of sustained use.

Patent-pending therma-grip – heated internal gran bar provides direct and instantaneous warmth through integrated heated elements.

electric hand warmer

Each hand warmer package comes with one hand warmer, one 7 volt lithium rechargeable battery, user manual and one dual head wall charger.

With a dual head charger you can charge two batteries at the same time so we recommend ordering a spare battery for extended use.

When you first get your hand warmer, plug in the charger to the wall, then plug the battery into the charger. The charger has an LED light that will be red when the battery is charging and it will turn green once it is charged.

To connect the battery to the hand warmer, unzip the top pouch, connect the wire to the battery, place in a small pocket and zip up the heated pouch.

Once the battery is plugged in, hold down the LED thermadjust button for 3 to 5 seconds until the light turns red. Click the button once to turn to the orange, medium heat setting and click it again to turn to green, the lowest heat setting.

Clicking the button again will cycle back to the red heat setting. To turn off, hold down the LED thermadjust button for 3 to 5 seconds until the light turns off.

Warm & Safe Battery Heated Hand Warmer

heated hand warmer muff

This muffler provides soothing heat, while the soft warming sleeve is comfortable and can be adjusted. By pressing the LED button on the front, you turn the heat on and off.

There are 3 levels of heat:

low, 7 hours

medium, 5 hours

high, 3 hours

The light weight Li-Ion battery is removable and can be easily re-charged within 4.5 hours.

Made of wind-proof, breathable materials. Uses adjustable buckle waist strap. You can hold keys or other small objects in front pocket.

Best Rechargeable Hand Warmer Power Bank

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