Best Rechargeable Hand Warmer Power Bank

Ravean is back and they are bringing the heat!

They now offer a revolutionary new, patent pending, portable hand warmer power bank product.

This little gem, which took over a year to develop after months of brainstorming, concepts, design, prototyping, tweaking, and re-tweaking, carries a lot of heat and power.

best rechargeable hand warmer

All of this is contained within a highly portable handheld gadget with a luxurious premium cork finish.

It’s slim, contemporary, and only weighs 5.1 ounces. It’s modest in size, yet it’s packed with functions.

Let’s take a look!

portable hand warmer

Ravean Rechargeable Hand Warmer

A revolutionary Ravean heat technology with a 5200 mAh battery capacity and three levels of fully customizable warmth is at the heart of the device, which is powered by two powerful lithium ion rechargeable batteries.

Its single button operation allows you to dial in exactly the appropriate amount of heat to keep your fingers toasty in any circumstance.

Depending on conditions, the hand warmer produces a huge heat output runtime of 8+ hours on low, four and a half hours on medium and over 3 hours on its highest heat setting.

The color-coded indicator light lets you know how hot it is. Your battery level is indicated by the nearby LEDs.

battery powered hand warmer

Use it for those cold winter days outside: skiing, camping, hunting, hiking, cold commutes, sporting events, arthritis, muscle recovery, pain relief for Raynaud’s disease, home, office, as a boot warmer, hot plate or for anything else that could use a little extra heat.

If you accidentally leave the heat running, they’ve got you covered with a dual circuit temperature detection auto shut off safety feature.

They’re not the first to design a hand warmer, just the first to do it right. There are multiple variations of single use, low-heat, static-heat, chemical based, short-lived heat, land filling, fuel spilling, unpleasantly grotesque hand warmer products out there. The Ravean hand warmer is much different.

It’s built to suit the demands of today’s more ambitious, versatile, tech-savvy, trendy, eco-conscious, reusable, performance-hungry individuals.

This little hottie does not just sizzle. It’s a double taker!

Hand Warmer Power Bank

A dual purpose, positive energy, portable powerhouse! Armed with a 5v USB-A charging port and producing a 2A max charge output, it can charge your phone up to 1.5+ times at full capacity.

best electric hand warmer

But it’s not just good for phone charging, it will power any other combination of portable electronic devices, such as your smart watch, GoPro, wireless headphones, tablets, laptop, lighting, speaker or anything else with a 5 volt 2 amp charge compatibility.

All that wrapped up in a pretty little portable package that will rival the sexiest of handheld devices.

Let’s talk materials.

The Ravean power tech is contained by a lightweight, extremely durable, impact protective, high-grade, brushed, anodizing, virtually seamless aluminum, housing. It’s then wrapped in the unique premium plush cork finish.

This hand warmer has been ergonomically designed for maximum comfort and efficacy.

It’s the only device of its kind that uses a special cork composition that not only looks and feels great, but also has a long list of advantages.

It’s not only soft, comfy, and gripping, but it also repels moisture and has up to 30% better heat conduction than other hand warmers, keeping you warm for longer.

hand warmer power bank

It’s antimicrobial and germ resistant, and also resists scratching. IPX4 weather resistant rating and custom treated for long life, preserving the appearance of your Ravean hand warmer power bank for years to come

The Ravean hand warmer power bank combines these elements to create the most unique, portable, compact high-performance product on the market.

They used thermal imaging to compare their prototypes to some of the most popular rechargeable hand warmers on the market, and they came up short.

battery hand warmer

This hand warmer warmed up faster, reached higher temperatures, dispersed heat more uniformly, and stayed warm for longer.

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