Best Waterproof Socks For Running, Hiking, Cycling

These are SealSkinz best-selling waterproof multi-activity outdoor socks specially designed and constructed with patented three layer stretchdry technology which makes them totally waterproof, windproof, highly breathable and very stretchy. They are perfect solution for hiking or running.

The outer fabric is made from a seamless blend of nylon and elastane for durability and lightweight performance. With an elasticated ankle, instep and cuff, these socks provide a comfortable and supportive fit.

The inner lining which is made from Merino wool and naturally wicking fiber can absorb and release ten times more moisture than synthetics.

It has excellent anti microbial properties which reduce odor build up inside the sock. The Merino wool seamless construction keeps the feet dry by efficiently transferring sweat away from the skin through osmosis. This combined with the SealSkinz close fit, reduces the chance of blistering which usually occurred through friction between wet skin and fabric in regular socks.

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Engineered between the inner and outer layers is a waterproof, high-performance, hydrophilic membrane with a hydrostatic head of 20 thousand millimeters. This provides waterproof protection without the need for any treatment of special coatings to be applied.

The membrane is also highly breathable for the water vapor permeability of over 65%, meaning the sweat is rapidly transferred away from the foot.

best waterproof socks

SealSkinz waterproof outdoor socks are available in three thicknesses: thin, mids and thick.

The thin walking socks have a thermal rating of two, making these suitable for warmer, wet conditions where minimal insulation and maximum breathability are required.

SealSkinz mid weight hiking stocks have a thermal rating of three and are perfect for a variety of activities where an equal balance of warmth and breathability are required.

The thickest weight socks are the trekking socks, which have a thermal rating of four and are ideal for very cold and wet conditions.

The additional thermal ratings in the hiking and trekking sock is achieved by added Merino wool in the heel, foot bedding and toe in the hiking socks and with extra Merino wool in the ankle for trekking socks.

Mid length and knee length options are essential for conditions where water levels are higher than the ankle and where waterproof boots can not offer protection. The outer fabric will absorb water and feel wet to touch but this is blocked by the barrier of the waterproof membrane which prevents moisture absorbing to the inside of the sock.

Every pair of SealSkinz waterproof sock is manufactured and tested by hand to ensure they’re 100% waterproof.

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Review of SealSkinz Thin Mid Length Socks

The outside of this feels just a tad bit rubbery kind of, it’s kind of hard to explain, it definitely doesn’t feel like a cotton or Merino wool sock. Kind of like a nylon spandex sort of material.

The inside of these socks is 44% acrylic, 41% wool, 14% nylon and 1% spandex. The outside material is 98% nylon and 2% spandex. So you do have some stretch. The wool lining on the inside is supposed to wick away moisture and it’s supposed to be breathable while the outside keeps you nice and dry.

men's women's waterproof socks

I’ve tested out other products, not quite like this, but still socks nonetheless that didn’t function very well. We have the water, we have the socks, let’s go ahead and do a quick field test.

What I have on my feet at the moment are just some water shoes and I have to say that I have been out in the water so my feet are a little bit clammy. Before I put these on and get into the water, I’m gonna let my feet dry out.

I will take one of these washcloths here and just dry up a little bit my feet. Don’t have to be perfectly dry for this test because I will be able to sense and feel that cold water coming through if they do leak.

With these socks, they are a little bit warm for these sort of conditions. These are rated on a scale from one to five, five being the warmest, one being typical sock, this is a two. So a little bit for the fall, definitely into the winter, that’s when these socks really would come in handy and they are made for a wide range of different activities, from hiking, sailing, kayaking, walking, running, cycling, so on and so forth.

These are lightweight socks. Like I said, the thermal reading is a two. If you have a sock that was at the level five that would be a heavy weight. A number one would be the lightest and so this is two, so it is still pretty lightweight.

waterproof running, cycling, walking, hiking socks

Let’s go ahead and put these on.

As far as comfort goes, they are comfortable. It’s definitely an interesting mix of materials. The outside, like I said, feels kind of like nylon and spandex put together, kind of rubbery almost, but not quite rubbery. Not like a neoprene or anything like that.

We have our socks on. Let’s hop on the water. Right now I’m in about six inches of water and guess what my feet are absolutely dry! I’m impressed! Honestly, I didn’t expect them to perform that well.

That is very, very impressive! 100% dry! Wow, I am incredibly impressed. They actually work and they worked really, really well!

Overall I was in the water for maybe two to three minutes and that is a great initial test. In the future we will be testing these out in some pouring rain hikes, stuff like that, something where our feet are going to be wet for a long period of time and we’ll see how they handle long, extended periods in the water.

The outside is absolutely soaked, but not the inside. I’m squeezing the water out but the inside is perfectly dry. Definitely impressed!

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