Best Lightweight Waterproof Winter Gloves

The greatest thing about these lightweight winter gloves by SealSkinz is that they are completely waterproof! They are also windproof and breathable.

best waterproof winter gloves

As a test, a couple of months back, what I did with these gloves, I put my hands in a bucket of water for three hours to test the waterproofing.

When I took my hands out, they were completely dry. All I did was shake the glove and all the water quite literally just beaded straight off the glove. So this just proves how serious the waterproofing is on these gloves.

They’ve got a really nice thermal rating on them. They have a Merino wool lining in it. During the winter times, they’re going to keep your hands nice and warm. The Merino works with your own body temperature so you won’t overheat and you won’t under heat with them.

Another great thing about these gloves is that they have a nice, dotted palm and fingers for good grip. No matter what you’re going to be using them for, whether it’s to be playing with your GPS system or using your phone, with these little grippers you can grip anything and everything. They really are good at gripping.

warm lightweight waterproof gloves

They’re multi-purpose gloves. You can use them for hunting, hiking, cycling, walking or any other cold weather activity. They are good for both men and women.

They are close fitting gloves which means that you can actually do quite fine actions, such as picking up leaflets, paper or anything like that. Whereas obviously with bulkier gloves, you would struggle to get hold of a piece of paper. But this one is really nice because it’s quite close to your fingers and to the hand and you can do small actions.

The outer shell is 96.5% nylon and 3.5% elastin.It has a hydrophilic membrane. The inner section of the gloves is 84% Merino wool and 14% nylon and 2% elastin.

When you put your hand inside of it, it fits to your fingers, it’s not too baggy or too tight. It’ll stretch in and around each finger but not too much so it’s not baggy. It’s nice and close knit to your fingers.

If you’re gonna be in the wet, cold weather, these gloves are totally awesome!

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