Electric Foot Warmer For Bed (Sleep With Cozy Feet)

This is not a typical electric foot warmer for bed!

foot heating pad

It is also a vibration warmer. It means that it will not only keep your feet toasty but relaxed at the same time.

All without overheating the rest of your body.

Instead of heating your entire bed using a standard electric blanket when only your feet are cold, this perfectly sized warming pad delivers heat to the lower part of the mattress.

electric heating pad for feet

And then you can also select the option of soothing massage. Amazing, isn’t it? There are three levels of massage to choose from.

There are also two temperature settings to keep your feet pleasantly heated.

You can control massage and heat settings using a tethered remote, separately or together.

heating pad for feet

This great foot heating pad is made from micro-plus fibers and has automatic shut off after 30 minutes.

You can use it under or on top of the covers. AC plug with 9′ cord.

Here is another great

Electric Foot Warmer For Bed

You can use this heated foot pad not just in cold weather but all year long if you suffer from chronic cold feet. Made of durable 100 percent plush Angel Fleece polyester.

foot warmer for bed

The electric warmer has a soft fiberfill center cushion for your tired, icy feet. It is big enough to share it with a loved one.

There are four therapeutic heat settings. The controller plugs into the pad making it really easy to use and you can remove it when you want to machine wash the warmer.

electric heated foot warmer for bed

Automatic shutoff after 8 hours and the cord length is 15 feet long.

Your feet will stay cozy warm every time you slide into your bed.

Each of these electric foot warmers for bed will stop cold feet by providing cozy heat at the foot of your bed.

Often times you do not need to be heating your whole body. All you really need is to warm your feet!

No mater if you suffer from cold feet from arthritis or poor circulation, each heated foot pad will provide relief and warmth.

It is also an awesome gift idea.

Find out the best way to keep feet warm.

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