6 Rechargeable Heated Slippers (Wireless)

Here you will find the best rechargeable heated slippers that will help keep your feet warm and cozy. Both men’s and women’s.

Best Heated Slippers

1. Volt Heat Generation IV Battery Heated Slippers

electric heated slippers

UPDATE: See New Model of Volt Heat Electric Heated Indoor Outdoor Slippers

Unlike previous generations, this model is now super easy to slide on and off thanks to a zipper on the side. The zipper runs from the top opening down to the sole. A nylon pull tab on the back of the slipper is another new feature. It helps slide the slipper on your foot.

They have two rechargeable lithium batteries, which can be operated with a wireless remote that controls the temperature settings. The remote can fit easily in your pocket or on a key chain.

Batteries connect to plug and tucks discreetly into a hook and loop pocket. Each battery provides up to 7 hours of heat. A layer of Thinsulate insulation traps in the heat so that your feet always stay warm.

The heating system is integrated in the foot bed of the slippers and runs from the tips of your toes to the beginning of the heel.

Because they have the durable rubber outsole, you can also use them for light duty outdoor activities to keep your feet toasty warm. Ripstop Nylon upper shell fabric treated with a DWR finish for wet weather protection.

Volt Heat Generation IV Battery Heated Slippers

The insole features memory foam, making the Gen 4 the most comfortable electric heated slippers. Added comfort is ensured by fleece lining.

This is unisex design – both men and women can wear these rechargeable heated slippers.

2. Volt Heat 3V Smart Heated Slippers

Here’s what you need to know about these Volt electric heated slippers. It has a faux fur lining that helps insulate and trap in warmth.

It has a durable, non-slip outsole for light duty outdoor use like going to your mailbox.

battery heated slippers

The most important feature is the smart thermostat technology, which self-regulates the temperature in between a preset range. This allows you to just simply turn the slipper on and enjoy the heat without having to touch it again.

Batteries last up to 4 hours on a single charge but this can vary with ambient temperature.

In order to turn the slippers on, locate the lead wire in the battery pocket on the slipper, plug the battery into that lead wire, press and hold the button on the battery and the light should come on. Your feet should be getting warm within the next minute.

The slippers will come complete with two rechargeable lithium batteries and a dual wall charger.

So Volt Heated Smart Slipper has a faux fur lining for good insulation, it has a durable outsole and it self-regulates to keep your feet at the perfect temperature. Cool!

3. Glovii Electric Heated Slippers with Socks

rechargeable heated slippers

The heating element in these slippers is constructed from carbon fibers that emit infrared waves, positively effecting blood circulation. These fibers also provide exceptional reliability and durability.

A safe and economic battery powers the heating system for up to 6 hours with 93F temperature. Heated area is the bottom part of the foot. There is also a pocket for storing the battery.

Glovii Electric Heated Slippers with Socks

The sole includes anti-slip elements to increase the safety of use.

4. FNDN Heated Slipper Socks

FNDN Heated Slipper Socks

These sleek foot warmers can be worn by both men and women. Thy have 3 different levels of warmth with 5 hours continuous run time.

They use rechargeable BEGO battery system. This battery is the smallest and lightest in its class.

FNDN heated 3.7v slipper socks

They have non-slip textured, padded bottoms that are very comfy.

Sock is made of 100% acrylic, while sole is 100% polyester.

5. Stay Warm Memory Foam Electric Heated Slippers


These heated slippers for men and women are powered by rechargeable batteries. They keep your feet toasty for 4 hours on low setting!

stay warm memory foam heated slippers

In addition to the awesome warmth, your feet will be comfortable and relaxed in luxury memory foam soles. Memory foam contours to your feet for ultimate comfort.

6. ActionHeat Heated Slippers

ActionHeat Heated Slippers

These are the only open back heated slippers on the market that run on AA batteries. They run on 6 AA batteries and will heat up to around 120ºF for 4 hours.

They have strategically placed heating elements that use ultra-fine fibers. An integrated heating system is located on the bottom of the foot.


Heating panels are encapsulated with a thermal seal to provide extra durability and moisture protection.

Weather-resistant fleece and fleece lining provide additional comfort.

Stop worrying about cold feet in the winter mornings or evenings. Now you can indulge yourself in cozy comfort with electric battery operated heated slippers.

Once your feet are warm, your whole body will feel warm. It’s like having a fireplace, wherever you go.

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