10 Terrific Electric Heated Winter Jackets

Hate waiting around for spring to enjoy spending time outdoor? Now’s the time to fall in love with battery heated jackets!

Whether it’s motorcycle riding, hunting, fishing, skiing, boating or outdoor spectator sports, electric heated jackets can add warmth and comfort to your winter activities and extend both the time and pleasure of cold-weather recreation.

10 Best Electric Heated Jackets For Men and Women

1. Warmgear Next Gen 2-in-1 Power Bank Heated Puffy Jacket, Unisex

electric heated jacket

This jacket is full of amazing features: Incredibly lightweight, zip-off sleeves, water resistent rip-stop shell, powered by USB power bank, micro-carbon fiber heating panels are located on the back, and on each side of the chest, 3 temperature settings, up to 12 hours of warmth. You can wear the jacket as a vest too. You can easily zip off the sleeves to create a vest for warmer days.

2. Volt Cracow


It is ultra-lightweight with amazing heat retention It features a 3 zone heat system – two in the chest and one large in the back. 7v lithium battery provides over 170 degrees of heat. Up to 8 hours of battery life. A Zero Layer system increases the insulation factor by over 200% making the Cracow one of the the best warmth-to-weight jackets in the market place.

3. Volt Summit


It is powered by a 5V USB power bank battery that you can find at most retail stores. The heat system is strategically placed in 4 zones – both sides of the chest, between the shoulder blades and one on the lumbar region. Wind and water resistance, this electric winter jacket provides heat for up to 5+ hours. With a push-button controller switch with 3 heat settings, a hood and and waterproof zippers.

4. ActionHeat


It comes with a 5V Power Bank that you can also use to charge your phone or tablet. 3 built-in heating panels are strategically placed on the chest and upper back to warm your body. Maximum heat time is 4.5+ hours. This garment uses FAR infrared heating and a heat reflective technology to deliver heat. With advanced heat-trapping insulation layer and water-resistant softshell that sheds rain and snow.

5. Gobi Heat

This jacket is designed for people who enjoy snow sports. It has 5 zone heating zones – 4 in the front (2 on the chest and two behind the lower pockets) and 1 large zone in the back. Battery runs for up to 9 hours on a single charge. It is wind and water resistant with rugged outer fabric that resists abrasion. With the deep hood, velcro cuffs, armpit zippers for venting, interior waist gaiter to repell snow and 5 exterior zippered pockets.

6. Gerbing Gyde Zenith



Terrific warmth is delivered via three heating zones and a lofted anti-pill composition. Battery runs for 8 hours with 135° F maximum heat. Three Microwire heating zones: 2 on the chest and 1 back. It also uses active heat retention technology. Very comfortable and stylish fit.

7. Mobile Warming


This jacket features lightweight outer shell and comes with multi-zone heat elements: 2x chest, 2x hand Pockets, and 2x back. 12volt rechargeable battery provides up to 11 hours of power per charge. It also has Bluetooth enabled wireless control. With zip-off hood, zippered heated hand-warmer pockets and Bluetooth enabled wireless control.

8. Milwaukee M12


It pairs state-of-the-art carbon heating elements with multi-layered fabric technology. Battery provides up to 6 hours of continuous heat. Heating elements distribute heat to core body area and pockets. 3 heat settings adjustable by zone. The battery holder offers a built-in USB port for charging electronics.

9. My Core Control

My Core Control Men's Battery Heated Softshell Jacket

This unique jacket warms the pulse point on your inner wrist, producing change in core body temperature. It warms the blood as it runs through your wrists and is circulated back to your heart. From there, warm blood is pumped throughout your entire, making you warm from the inside out. Two rechargeable batteries run up to 12 hours.

10. DeWalt Coat


Durable, heavy duty duck fabric outer shell is water and wind resistant. Inner shell is made of warm flannel lining. Up to 9 hours of heat on low setting. LED controller with 3 temperature settings. 3 heating zones which include chest and mid-back.

There are many other great models. Click here to find more about these and other electric jackets.

You can be sure that they will keep you warm in all bad weather conditions. They provide a regulated even-heat with different heat settings for hours with just one charge.

They usually have a three-zone heating system with 2 panels or carbon fibers in the chest and one in the back. However, some of them, such as Milwaukee, has carbon fiber heating zones in pockets as well.

They have a rugged wind and water resistant shell that keeps weather out while improved insulation holds heat in to maximize warmth. The lightweight construction and flexibility keep you comfortable allowing you to focus on what you are doing not how cold and wet you are.

The electric jackets are powered by rechargeable batteries, usually with built-in 4-level thermo-regulating controls. Maximum temperature is typically 135°F at full power (some even 170 degrees).

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