Electric Jacket Warmer to Make Any Jacket Heated

Heated jackets are great phenomenal for keeping your upper body warm on cold days.

The only problem is that they are expensive for many people.

However, not all is lost. There is something you can do if you cannot afford electric jacket.

You can make your own! You can transform your regular jacket into battery heated.

The best part is that it’s very easy to do. All you need is this amazing electric jacket warmer:

make a heated jacketdiy heated jacket

This is the personal heating system that you can install in any jacket or coat to enjoy cozy warmth no matter what you are wearing.

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The system consists of a three-panelled belt of heaters and two sets of installation pads.

electric heated coat

Simply affix the pads to the jacket lining (they adhere to a wide variety of fabrics). Next, you attach the slim belt of heaters to these pads. The heat pads are designed in such a way that all heat is redirected toward your body, eliminating wasted heat.

heated winter coat

You can easily select three temperature settings via the power button. Heat ranges from 90° F to 135° F

A full charge of the rechargeable 5V lithium polymer battery (super slim and lightweight design) provides up to four hours of warmth. You can charge it in any wall outlet or any USB port. You can even use the battery to charge your phone.

Thin and durable construction is comfortable and can withstand all your winter activities.

electric jacket warmer

This is really an amazing system. You can easily and quickly switch between a ski jacket and a formal overcoat. This is the best way to stay warm by transforming your jacket into a battery-operated heated jacket!

battery powered coat

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  1. J. Droubay

    Can the Velcro patches you put on the coat be removed without damaging the jacket you put them in?

    1. Greg (Post author)

      Yes, if you do it slowly and carefully.


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