Heated Flannel Shirt (Water-resistant)

The ActionHeat 5V Battery Heated Insulated Flannel Shirt is the epitome of fashion and function coming together in seamless harmony.

It’s a versatile piece of outerwear that may be worn on its own or as a base layer under a bulkier jacket or vest.

ActionHeat battery heated flannel shirt

A person going to a baseball, working on a construction site, or participating in any other outside activity would benefit greatly from wearing this heated flannel shirt.

You may now appear fashionable while remaining warm and comfortable in any weather.

Each purchase of an ActionHeat flannel shirt comes with an ultra-efficient ActionHeat 5-Volt 6000maH Power Bank.

heated flannel shirt

This power bank gives your clothing its electricity, yet it can also charge your smartphone, tablet, or any other device that accepts USB charging. When used to charge other devices, the amount of time needed for heating will be reduced.

The shirt features an LED button that can be controlled with a touchpad and has three distinct heat levels: low, medium, and high. These settings make it simple to adjust the level of heat.

ActionHeat shirt

Primary Characteristics:

  • Three built-in heating panels are part of the effective Tri-Zone heating system, and they are thoughtfully positioned on the upper back and chest.
  • Panels for heating produced of carbon fiber that is extremely fine.
  • Power bank battery life is displayed by 4 LED power indicators.
  • Temperature can reach up to 150 degrees.
  • The heating time is estimated to be 4.5+ hours.
  • Snow and rain are shed by water-resistant material.
  • Suitable for machine washing on the gentle cycle.

ActionHeat heated flannel shirt

Battery-operated heated clothing from ActionHeat makes use of cutting-edge technology that’s been designed specifically to raise the core body temperature.

These ground-breaking clothes come equipped with their own built-in heating panels and are constructed out of a novel material called ActionFlex, which offers lightweight warmth, convenience, and flexibility.

ActionHeat heated clothing uses heat-reflective ActionWave technology and FAR infrared heating to provide hours of warmth and comfort. With ActionHeat, you can spend more time than ever staying warm and taking advantage of wintertime outdoor activities.

What People Are Saying About Heated Flannel Shirt?đ

  • This is a fantastic way to remain warm while working outside in the cold. To be good, I even purchased a second battery.
  • Thick, strong, and incredibly hot. Good for hiking. I wore mine while hiking in the woods throughout fall. This item has the appearance of being brand new.
  • This shirt is comfortable and practical. My core receives the infrared heat, which is quite soothing and keeps me very warm.
  • Even though you’ll look like a lumberjack, that’s not a problem. You’ll be the warmest lumberjack around! Nice heat and fluffy flannel. It’s hard to tell that it is a heated shirt. Long sleeves for my long arms, and a very long tail so that when I bend over, my behind won’t get cold. For a finished look, I believe I’ll also purchase the heated hat.
  • Material seems to be of good quality. It certainly carries some weight. It does fit much better than I had anticipated.
  • My spouse absolutely adores the flannel shirt I gave him for Valentine’s Day. The heat is unbeatable, and the flannel material is thick.
  • This flannel is excellent. The highest level becomes extremely heated very quickly. Where I reside, it gets really cold, so this is very useful.
  • I really like this heated jacket since it is quilted on the inside, which means that I can wear it even when it is not heated and I will still be warm. I’m ready for the day once I turn on the heat.
  • This flannel is quite helpful because I work a lot in warehouses, where it might become cold. It’s nice since I can wear it inside, it’s not overwhelming, and it has heat that I can turn as needed.
  • Warm, snug, and comfortable flannel shirt. Even without the heat on, it’s wonderful to wear. If it came in a variety of colors, I would definitely purchase another one.
  • In order to keep the heat in, this shirt has some additional insulation underneath the flannel. It’s actually warmer than it appears.
  • Even though I may have a lumberjack’s appearance, this flannel shirt keeps me as warm as a cuddly cat. It looks great over a t-shirt in the fall and spring and underneath my winter coat when it’s snowing.
  • When it’s not too windy, I wear this outside and it keeps me nice.
  • This shirt is absolutely worth buying if you enjoy wearing flannel with everything. The heating is excellent!
  • Since this flannel is a little heavier than a typical shirt but yet lighter than a jacket, I almost always wear it as a jacket. Without a doubt, it keeps me warm.
  • I can wear a shirt underneath this, and even a jacket on top of this, and I will still be wonderfully cozy and warm. There isn’t much weight or obstruction caused by the battery. Being located directly below the neck region, the button is also quite handy.
  • At first glance, the shirt appears to be no different than any other ordinary flannel shirt. I’m incredibly impressed that the heating panels are so good and that the settings are adjustable.
  • Overall, this flannel is cozy and warm. When I boost the temperature of the shirt, it keeps as much heat near to my chest as possible. It’s suitable for wearing alone in the fall or under a winter coat in the wintertime.
  • This is a flannel shirt taken to new heights. A tremendous amount of heat. I wear it as a spring/fall jacket.
  • I have a lot of standard flannel shirts in my closet, but this one seems to be the one I use the most. The heat is amazing, and I enjoy how the shirt is cut with a bit looser fit than usual.
  • As a long-distance truck driver, I require warmth and other comfortable things. Your product accomplishes that goal. I’m grateful.
  • This flannel shirt is very sturdy! It’s more like a heated jacket that looks like a flannel shirt, which is great. I find that I wore it all weekend. Kept me warm whether or not the heat was on.
  • This shirt is without a doubt an incredible buy for the price. It’s just so comfortable that I can’t feel any wires inside the flannel.
  • This is by far my favorite flannel out of the about 10 that I own. The heat is easily controlled and maintained.
  • I drive a delivery truck for a company that doesn’t need uniforms, and this shirt does a great job of keeping me warm both inside and outside the vehicle. Overall, it’s a good pick!
  • This light weight flannel is great! Great color and powerful battery.

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