Electric Heated Hand Warmer Muff (3 Models)

G-Tech Battery Heated Hand Warmer Muff

Used by pro athletes in the NFL, CFL, PGA, NBA, MLB and LPGA.

There are all kinds of hand warmers on the market and most provide some level of warmth. But they don’t compare to this product!


With this muff, your hands can get instant heat anytime, anywhere!



Main features include:

  • tri-zone heating system
  • heated internal gran bar provides warmth through integrated heated elements
  • 3 heat levels, change them by pressing a LED button
  • advanced fabric technology with a layered system that holds heat in the muff, meaning less power to operate
  • hydrophobic, moisture wicking fabric that is also weather resistant
  • proprietary insulation technology
  • long-lasting, Lithium polymer batteries that provide up to 5 hours of heat
  • hand warmer’s quilted fabric blends perfectly with jackets, down coats and other winter clothing
  • waist band makes it portable to take with you wherever you go

Glovii Heated Muff with 4 in 1 Function



  • heating element made of carbon fibres that offer great reliability and durability
  • heating element also provides medical properties, thanks to infrared waves
  • heating element has a large surface area to evenly distribute the heat
  • you can use any power bank with USB 2A output to generate warmth
  • three heat settings; on the lowest setting you get 20 hours of warmth; 14h on medium and 7h on high setting.
  • made of 100% polyester and weighs 170g without batteries

ActionHeat 5V Battery Heated Hand Warmer Muff



  • extra large heating panel that is strategically placed to keep your hands warm for up to 5+ hours.
  • ultra-fine carbon fiber heating panels
  • maximum temperature of 125F
  • 3 easy to use heat settings
  • touch-button control technology
  • polyester soft shell
  • water-resistant outer shell
  • waterproof battery pocket
  • adjustable strap

People diagnosed with Raynaud’s disease can really benefit from these products.

Raynaud’s it’s not always related to the cold. It comes on in times of stress as well. It’s one of the top undiagnosed conditions, especially in women.

A lot of the times if you do get Raynaud’s attack, the only thing that can fix it is warming yourself up from your core. So warming up your whole body so that your blood flow can get to your extremities. There are some forms of medication you can take every day, but as it stands right now, there is no cure.

So when people see these hand warmers they are right on board because they think of the convenience they provide. They feel secure mentally because they know that if they feel an attack is coming, they can just slip this on and heat up quickly for a minute. That provides them a lot of security.

Many of them have used some of those instant heat packs for your hands that are a mini size. They found them a huge waste because they have to keep buying a ton of them and then throwing them out. And they only work for about an hour.

So even though you do have to charge the muff, it’s hours of heat and it’s a source of heat that you can turn on and off and control.

You can have it on you during sports, during work, during your commutes and things like that.

It will allow you to just have less stress about the effects that cold can have on your life and be more focused on continuing to do the things you enjoy.


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