AMAZING Battery Heated Hat – Best Winter Headwear

Winter! There is nothing worse than being unprepared for this cold period of the year.

Battery heated hat, besides other battery heated clothing, is just what you need to keep you comfortable and warm.

This hat will provide you with all the warmth that you need.

battery heated hat

It is the classic trapper hat but with two built-in heating panels located directly over the ears!

The cap uses rechargeable battery that generates up to five hours of toasty heat at three different settings. The battery recharges in just two hours.

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The removable battery is concealed in the left ear flap, while the right one contains a button for effortless operation.

It has all the traditional elements: upturned brow, lower back, and big side flaps that can be secured under the chin.

The hat’s durable nylon exterior is resistant to both water and wind and the face is snuggled with the cozy fleece lining.

You can easily modify its fit and size by using an adjustable strap on the back of the hat.

Stay warm and in style this season with this amazing heated hat!

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