Best Heated Ski Gloves (Women & Men)

It is completely natural to have cold hands when you are out there skiing in the snow without wearing the warm men’s or women’s ski gloves. Standard wool gloves just will not help. You need electric heated ski gloves to immeasurably add to the pleasure of your skiing activities.

Here a few very good models for women and men.

Glovii GS5 7V Battery Heated Ski Gloves (Leather)


best heated ski gloves

They are made of Hypora waterproof and breathable outer membrane. The inner side of the gloves is reinforced with additional leather to ensure the best grip.

They are insulated with the Thinsulate fabric. Two durable batteries provide heat. The battery is charged in about 4-6 hours.The heating element made of carbon fibers is placed on the outside of the hand, at the place most exposed to cold.

You can control the heat using the panel on the top of the glove. Four heat settings:

  • 25% – 8 hours
  • 50% – 6 hours
  • 75% – 4 hours
  • 100% – 2 hours

You can operate touch screens with the thumb and the index finger of the glove, which are finished with special fabric.

Glovii GS7 Battery Heated Ski Gloves with Knuckleguard

electric ski gloves

This is another very good model.

A Li-Poly rechargeable battery powers the heating system for several hours.

It is also made of a waterproof and breathable material and have Thinsulate insulation.

The heating element is located all around the palm, making sure your your palms are always comfortably warm.

Glovii GS6 Hard Nuckle Heated Ski Gloves

battery heated ski gloves

Very similar to the previous two models, except they are white.

Rossignol Winter’s Fire Heated Ski Gloves

heated ski gloves rechargeable

These will not only keep your hands warm, but they also look really good.

Using a single easy to use button on the back of the glove, you can control the heating system which consists of three levels:

  • low – 5 hours of heat.
  • medium – 4 hours of heat
  • high – 3 hours of heat

The heating elements go 3/4 of the way into the fingers and thumb.

One small rechargeable Lithium ion battery (recharged in less than 3 hours) is located in an inside pouch on the underside of the wrist.

A Hot Solar Blanket liners together with FIBRELOFT insulation keep the heat in. A DRYPEL waterproof insert and waterproof goat skin leather fingers keep your hands dry.

There is also a waterproof zippered pocket on the back of the hand to store small items.

You’ll have a hard time finding heated gloves at this quality. These gloves are comfortable to wear and provide plenty of warmth.

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