Best Heated Socks For Hunting (And Insoles)

Are you planning a hunting trip? You have packed your outdoor gear but what about your feet?

A hunting trip requires warm feet to be able to enjoy your time in the nature. We know that regular socks and boots are not enough to keep your feet warm.

Heated socks and insoles are what you need!

Therm-ic PowerSock Set ic 1200 Battery Heated Socks are fantastic for keeping feet warm in cold conditions.

heated socks for hunting

Ideal for all-day use, they are perfect for hunters, providing a great balance between battery life and bulk.

There are three heat levels:

  1. 10-14 hours of heat
  2. 5.5-7.5 hours of heat
  3. 3.5-4.5 hours of heat

You can adjust temperature settings with the touch of a button. Added warmth is provided by heat reflecting fibers woven into a stretchy synthetic blend.

Heating element spreads heat evenly and is so thin you won’t feel it inside your boots. Two lightweight lithium-ion batteries are fasten to the cuff of the sock with snap fasteners.

Other important features:

  • Active odor neutralization with polygiene
  • Supreme moisture transportation for keeping feet dry
  • Footbed cushioning for additional comfort
  • Shin Protector acts as a shock absorber and reduces the risk of bruises
  • Anatomically left and right shaped sock
  • Washable with battery pack detached

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ThermaCELL ProFLEX Heavy Duty Heated Insoles feature Bluetooth controlled heat operation and removable rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. These insoles will produce up to eight and a half hours of constant warmth per charge.

best heated insoles for hunting

With the Bluetooth application, you can turn the heat up and down as well as on and off through your smartphone. The Bluetooth application also allows you to monitor the life remaining in your batteries.

By design, these heated insoles for hunting will never get hot to the touch like disposable or chemical heat packs. Rather they maintain a perfectly warm and comfortable temperature inside your footwear, making sure that your feet don’t sweat and then freeze.

Inside the package, you’ll find two heated insoles, two cushion batteries inside the smart charging case, one USB cord, one wall charger as well as a travel bag and your operating instructions.

Before using your insoles, you’ll want to fully charge the batteries. Remove the batteries from the smart charging case and insert the batteries into the insole, with the cushioning side facing up.

Remove the factory installed insole from your footwear, if possible, to free up some space inside. Then replace that insole with ThermaCELL heated insoles. It’s important to mention that you can trim your insoles for a perfect fit. Just don’t cut beyond that solid line. You can cut up to it though.

Next you’ll download and install the ThermaCELL heated products application on your Android or iOS device. Then you’ll pair and name your insoles. Once your insoles are paired to your smartphone and named, you are ready to use the application to operate your insoles.

To do this, you’ll want to open the application and select the product you want to operate, which you’ve already installed and paired. From the control screen you’ll be able to change the heat between low (90°), medium (100°) and high (115°) as well as put it on no heat, which is a standby mode you can use to conserve your battery life.

You can also unlink the insoles and operate them independently if you choose. When the battery indicator shows that there’s no life remaining, then it’s time to either swap your insoles out with a fresh battery that’s been charged or charge your battery.

To get the most out of your heated hunting insoles, I want to share a few additional things with you.

First, for added convenience you can remove the batteries of these insoles without removing them from your footwear.

For best results, activate insoles at the first sign of a chill. Don’t let your feet get very cold before turning them on. Outside temperature and the insulation of your footwear will affect run time.

For optimal performance, wear well insulated footwear and medium to lightweight moisture wicking socks, avoiding materials such as cotton that could retain moisture.

Make sure your shoes are not too tight because tightness can naturally cause your feet to get cold and you can try a larger shoe or boot than usual if necessary.

Don’t forget extra batteries are available so you can always have a spare set ready to go.

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How to Stay Warm While Hunting in Cold Weather

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