Heated Work Jacket (Best Work Coat For Winter)

Find out about not just one heated work jacket, but compare six excellent models. Each coat will keep you warm and cozy while working outside on cold days.

These coats are designed for construction workers, linemen, ranchers or anyone who works in the cold for extended periods.

Best Work Heated Jackets

Mobile Warming 12V Men’s Foreman Heated Work Jacket


  • Classic look and heavy-duty construction.
  • Thermal-lined hood with a drawcord closure.
  • Warm quilted polyester full sleeved thermal liner.
  • Heavy-duty zipper.
  • Lots of pockets for storage.
  • Far-infrared heating system.
  • Powered by 12volt Lithium-Ion battery.
  • USB port to charge your mobile devices.
  • Heating elements two in the chest and two on the back.
  • Heat up to 11 hours!
  • Two ways to adjust the temperature: built-in touch control button and Bluetooth control.

ActionHeat 5V Cordless Heavy-Duty Heated Work Jacket


  • Tough, rugged and with the industrial design.
  • Sturdy water-repellent and wind-resistant.
  • With an advanced heat-trapping insulated layer.
  • Rib-knit cuffs and waist keep out the cold.
  • 3 built-in ultra-fine carbon fiber heating panels on the chest and upper back.
  • Power bank that powers your garment, can also charge your phone.
  • Heating time up to 4.5+ hours (110F).
  • Touch-button control.
  • Machine washable.

DeWalt 20V/12V MAX Soft Shell Heated Work Jacket


  • Durable water and wind resistant outer shell.
  • Up to 9 hours of warmth.
  • 5 heating zones: upper left and right chest, mid-back, sleeves, and collar.
  • LED controller with 3 temperature settings.
  • Adjustable waistline and sleeve cuffs.
  • 4 pockets.

Ravean Rugged Heated Work Jacket


  • Wind and water resistant tough shell.
  • Soft breathable inner liner.
  • Heated chest and back.
  • World’s first patented heated thumb-hole cuffs.
  • Easy access, multi-zone controller.
  • 3 heat settings.
  • Five pockets.

Mobile Warming Outdoor Worker Heated Jacket


This work jacket is mad of heavy-duty 100% Oxford polyester outer shell. It is oil, stain, water and wind resistant.

Two heating elements in the chest and one in back are powered by 7.4volt rechargeable lithium-ion battery. It provides up to 10 hours of power per charge.

You can use integrated touch control button to select between four heat settings.

The jacket includes an interior zippered pocket, hand-warmer pockets as well as ID and pen pocket.

It available in six sizes: SM , MD, LG, XL, 2XL and 3XL.

The jacket is ANSI/SEA 107-2015 Type R CLASS 3 certified, which means that this garment is specifically designed for use on roadways and construction sites.

Gobi Heat Grit 5 Zone Heated Workwear Jacket


It has 5 heating zones – 4 in the front (chest and behind the lower pockets) and 1 large zone in the back.

Using one-touch LED controller, you can choose between 3 different heat settings. 7.4 volt slim-profile battery runs up to 9 hours on a single charge.

It’s wind and water resistant and made of ultra-rugged duck cotton exterior fabric.

It also includes hood that can be removes, while shoulder gussets allow for increased flexibility.

You may also be interested in

Mobile Warming Heated Work Vest


This vest has the same features as Mobile Warming jacket we talked about in the beginning of this article.

Gobi Heat Ibex Men’s 5 Zone Heated Workwear Vest


  • 5 heating zones- 4 in the front (chest and behind the lower pockets) and 1 large zone in the back
  • One-touch LED controller with 3 heat settings: low, medium, and high
  • Battery runs up to 9 hours on a single charge
  • Made of wind and water resistant duck cotton fabric
  • Increased flexibility due to shoulder gussets
  • Removable hood

ActionHeat Battery Heated Insulated Flannel Shirt


This flannel shirt is the perfect combination of style and function.

It has a layer of comfortable insulation so you can wear it as an outer layer or underneath a jacket or vest.

It is operated by 5-Volt Power Bank, which means that you can also charge your phone.

3 built-in heating panels on the chest and upper back, touch-button control, estimated heating time is 4.5+ hours.

Why use heated workwear?

If you’re like most people, you hate the cold weather. It’s not just inconvenient and annoying, it can be downright dangerous.

Protecting yourself in colder climates and staying safe and healthy in snow, ice and cold temperatures is vitally important.

Frostbite and hypothermia are very serious conditions.

Frostbite is a serious reaction to cold temperatures. When the deep layers of skin and tissue freeze, you can recognize frostbite by a loss of feeling and a waxy white or pale appearance in affected areas. Your fingers, toes, nose and earlobes are especially vulnerable.

Hypothermia is a serious condition that occurs when your whole body temperature drops below 95 degrees Fahrenheit. Left untreated, hypothermia can be deadly. Symptoms include uncontrollable shivering, drowsiness and exhaustion.

Using proper clothing for cold, wet and windy conditions as well as staying dry is really important.

Dressing in layers is not a solution if you are working outside because it will restrict your movement and you can start sweating. This is not good because sweat is wet and wet clothing makes all the bad stuff happen more quickly.

The bottom line is this. When you’re out in the winter weather use heated work jacket or vest.

See electric heated winter jackets and heated camo hunting jacket.

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