7 Best Heated Wraps For Back Pain

1. VersaRelief Wrap

VersaRelief Heated Back Wrap

This wireless heating and cooling wrap is designed to relieve back pain when you need it.

It rechargeable heat gives you relief on-the-go for up to eight hours.

Using far infrared technology, the wrap offers a consistent heat source with three settings, keeping you comfortable as you move no matter where you are.

You can control heat by a remote Key-Fob or via battery controls.

Studies have shown far infrared technology can provide a range of health benefits including increased blood flow and reduced inflammation.

Slim and stylish, the VersaRelief Wrap can be worn under clothes for on-the-go relief.

Made of an ultra-comfortable neoprene wrap, which is soft to the touch, and uses Velcro straps to customize the size and fit.

If you need cold, the VersaRelief ice pad will keep you on ice for up to three hours.

2. Glovii Battery Heated Lumbar Support Belt

Glovii Battery Heated Lumbar Support Belt

Extraordinary carbon fibers are used to construct the heating element in this belt, ensuring exceptional reliability and durability.

These fibers also have medical properties thanks to infrared waves.

The heating element located at the back of the belt has a large surface area to evenly distribute the heat, soothing and heating your back.

A safe and economic Li-Ion battery powers the heating system in three modes:

  • Low: 33%, 8 hours
  • Medium: 66%, 4 hours
  • High: 100%, 3 hours

The wrap features a pocket for storing the battery. Thanks to the Velcro fastening, you can adjust the belt for different waist sizes.

3. Gerbing’s Battery Powered Core Heat Back Wrap

Gerbing's Battery Powered Core Heat Back Wrap

It gives you heat and lower back support so you can go on with your life.

The heating system provides soothing warmth for up to 10 hours as it is powered by a superb 7 V rechargeable battery.

The battery is stored in a zippered pocket on the wrap.

It heats up in 3 seconds, it’s technology is developed by the US government and it’s not going to wear out.

The slim design allows you to put a shirt on over the top of the product without being bulky.

Adjustable elastic strap fits different waist sizes, ranging from 31″ to 48″.

It also has reflective strips on back.

4. Mobile Warming Heat-To-Go Battery Heated Back Wrap

Mobile Warming Heat-To-Go Battery Heated Back Wrap

This powerful wrap provides instant warmth and relief for your lower back pain. Great to wear as a brace or turn on the heat with the touch of a button for hours of relief.

The portable lithium-ion battery can be clipped to the wrap itself and provides up to 10 hours of heat.

The heating element is constructed of one extra long steel alloy fiber.

It is made of lightweight waterproof Carbolex shell with Rainguard.

There are 2-way stretch inserts for maximum extension around the waist and adjustable Velcro closure.

Easy push button operation with LED power indicators.

5. Shield Life TheraBelt Back Warmer

Shield Life TheraBelt Back Warmer

This is an innovative product that provides targeted therapy for nagging or chronic lower back pain.

The wrap is hand-crafted in Korea with the finest materials and most advanced components.

It consists of 5 layers of technology and is made of a plush, water-resistant microsuede fabric that offers an anti-microbial barrier.

12 strong magnets create a grid of wellness around your lower back.

Electromagnetic Field Shielding Technology eliminates up to 90% of harmful EMFs, ensuring a rejuvenating night’s rest.

Far Infrared (FIR) heat and negative ions increase comfort. The TheraBelt offers 3 levels of FIR heat to safely and gently bring you to a new level of well-being.

The TheraBelt is ergonomically designed and has an automatic 10-hour shut off period.

Comes with an adjustable velcro strap to fit your comfort needs.

6. Lenz Heat Bandage

Lenz Heat Bandage

This back bandage comes with two integrated heating elements located in the kidney and back area.

It relaxes muscles in people suffering from back pain, rheumatic complaints, muscle ailments and tension.

You can control heat output over 3 levels on the lithium pack. The heat is produced for up to 7,5 hours.

7. Venture Heat Battery Heated Lumbar Support

Venture Heat Battery Heated Lumbar Support

This heated wrap helps relieve your back pain, sprains and muscle spasms as well as supports your back to help prevent strain and injury during heavy lifting and other work activities.

Comforting heat will keep your back muscles loose and relax to prevent strains and injuries.

You can wear it all day because it’s made with breathable fabrics, making it comfortable to use.

Long lasting rechargeable lithium ion battery powers extra large far infrared heating zones.

The battery features a 3-setting temperature controller so you can adjust the heat to your own personal needs.

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