How to Stay Warm in Bed at Night

Hopping into cold bed at night is one of the things that nobody enjoys! A simple solution would be to sleep with the heating on. Unfortunately, very few people can afford it.

The good news is that there are some things you can do to get warm in bed. When you take care of these things, you will stay warm in your bed, despite the freezing weather outside.

First I’m going to reveal the best way to stay warm in bed.  After that you will learn tips and tricks that may help you stay cozy all night.

The Best Way

Electric Heating Blanket

electric heating blanket

This heated blanket produces consistent heat and is amazingly comfortable. Tests show that it is 64% better than other models. There are 10 heat settings. Made from a soft, plush polyester knit fabric. Wires are almost unnoticeable. 10-hour automatic shut off. Find more.

Dual Control Electric Heated Mattress Pad

dual control electric heated mattress pad

This heated mattress pad generates the most consistent warmth – temperature fluctuates by only 1.08° F from top to bottom. It has virtually undetectable heating elements. It has the highest scores for comfort. Includes dual LCD controllers for the king and queen models, allowing two sleepers to set their own temperature from 5 heat settings. Automatically shuts off after 10 hours. Find more.

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Tips And Tricks

  1. Use these temperature regulating flannel sheets. These are embedded with a polymer that regulates body heat. Imperceptible capsules within the fibers absorb moisture to prevent chills and create a cozy surface.
    temperature regulating flannel sheets
  2. Use this temperature regulating blanket. It uses patented technology developed for NASA. It absorbs, stores, and releases heat to prevent chills. Embedded in the blanket are numerous micro capsules that absorb heat and release it when you are cold. Made from Merino wool and acrylic, the blanket is antibacterial and odor resistant.
    temperature regulating blanket
  3. Use this feet warmer for bed. If you only have cold feet in bed, this product is for you. It keep toes toasty without overheating the rest of the body. Two temperature settings and automatically shuts off after eight hours.
    electric foot warmer for bed
  4. Do a few exercises before going to bed. Stretching exercises with deep breathing are enough to warm yourself up. No need to lift heavy weights or run for half an hour because you might feel too invigorated to sleep. There is one type of exercise you can do before bedtime, which will not only warm you up, if you know that I mean 🙂
  5. Drink a hot beverage to raise your core temperature, and to warm up your hands. Avoid caffeinated drinks or those with sugar because they will keep you up at night. You can have hot herbal tea, milk or water with lemon.
  6. Have a warm shower or bath just before you go to bed. This will raise your body temperature as well as relax you to help you fall asleep more easily.
  7. Wear pyjama or a long sleeve T-shirt. The best are those made of natural fibers such as wool or cotton. Stay away from synthetic materials.
  8. Have layers of blankets. Have a few of them ready on a chair by your bed. If you become cold in the night, you can reach for them. Layers trap warm air close to your body and you can easily remove them if you get too warm.
  9. Put on wool socks. Feet are usually the first part of your body that become cold. Wool is great for insulation and retaining warmth. You can also use battery powered heated socks or electric heated slippers.
  10. Use a hot water bottle. About an hour before bed, shove it under blankets to warm up the bed. Once you are in bed, place the bottle by your feet. It should stay warm all night long, keeping you warm.

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