Best Remote Control Heated Insoles

These ThermaCELL ProFlex remote control heated insoles are designed to mitigate the cold feet in a way that socks alone would not be able to.

Remote Control Heated Insoles

The ProFlex is ThermaCELL’s latest model. In their previous iterations, the battery heated insoles have been pretty rigid.

These are very bendy, these are gonna bend with your shoe or with your boot, if you use them in boots. Previous iterations were very rigid, you couldn’t really move them, they didn’t bend. These have nice flex to them. It actually follows the motion of your feet.

You get two insoles in the box. One for each foot, obviously. That’s how most of us are equipped – we have two feet.

A little cave in the in the heel is essentially where the magic happens.

thermacell foot warmers

Batteries are relatively small. They are about the length of three quarters of a finger. They pop right out of a little case.

thermacell heated insoles battery

There’s a plug down there in the very back of the heel and you plug the battery in. The wires are inside on the bottom of the sole.


You can trim this as you can see in this picture:

battery operated foot warmers

You don’t want to trim anywhere pass that solid line because then you might run the risk of running into wires.

With this battery, that’s where the magic happens. The battery power activates some cells inside wiring.

You can control the intensity of the heat with this little remote control:

insole remote control

No Heat obviously that’s turned off. There are also Medium heat and High heat. Certainly it depends on the severity of how cold your feet are what option you will select. If you’re really susceptible to the cold, you might just run with High for a while.

Fortunately they’re not too thick as far as insoles go. There is a little bit of lift. I wouldn’t recommend putting those in a dress shoe for instance, but for a boot or a hiking boot or even a hiking shoe, that will work perfectly.

Depending on how thick your existing insole is, you might take it out as well and replace it with this.

The insoles have some squish to it, including the back of the battery as well. That was my biggest concern that the battery was going to be like I’m stepping on a brick. But no, there’s some squish there as well.

One of the great things about the ThermaCELL ProPlex compared to previous iterations and even to other competing insoles, is that they have these rechargeable batteries that come out.

ThermaCELL’s previous winter heated insoles have the batteries that stayed in there, so when you were plugging it into a wall outlet, you actually plugged in the entire insole.

These you just have to plug in the battery. You can charge both of them at the same time using their case. You just plug it into the wall with USB.

It’s the only electric heated insole in the market that offers both rechargeable, removable batteries and the remote control.

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thermal insoles for boots

These insoles come in five different sizes, but as previously noted, they can be trimmed to fit any shoe or boot size exactly.

ThermaCELL developed the world’s only insole with a removable battery. This improves on their original design in a couple different ways.

First you now have the option to purchase additional batteries which is great if you’re gonna be out all day and need more than five hours of heat at a time.

If you’re one of those people that are using it on a regular basis, you only have to replace the battery when the life cycle ends rather than having to buy a whole new system.

The temperature is going to be controlled by compact remote control. This allows you to change the temperature without removing your shoes or boots.

Each remote is going to be keyed to each individual insole so if you have multiple pairs you won’t have any issues accidentally operating multiple insoles at the same time.

ThermaCELL heated insoles have always been a great product. However the upgrades on their newer models are definitely worth checking out if you’re someone who’s going to be using these insoles on the job site everyday or just for anyone who’s going to be using these on a daily basis.

heated shoe inserts

If you have cold feet like many people then you definitely need to be using the ThermaCELL heated insoles. I’ve been using them for years and they are totally awesome.

They are wireless, remote controlled and rechargeable heated boot inserts. They even have a thermostat built in to regulate the temperature, ensuring my feet don’t get too hot, then sweat and freeze.

ProFlex has all the great features as the original ThermaCELL insoles but much more.

Now I can leave the insoles inside my boots and just take out the batteries to charge them.

Additional batteries are available so I can have several sets so my feet are never left out in the cold.

They have extra flexibility so they are easier to get in and out of all my boots, even taller boots and waders.

They’re highly water resistant even more water resistant than the original insoles.

They are available with USB charging so I can charge them through my car, solar charger or portable electronics chargers.

You can trim the insoles for a perfect fit.

Each charge will last up to five hours per charge on medium heat and will recharge in four hours or less.

These insoles have kept my feet warm for the last few years and they’ll definitely keep yours warm.

Do you want to have warm feet in the outdoors this fall and winter, then get a set of ThermaCELL ProFlex heated insoles.


Instructions on how to pair your remote control with your ThermaCELL heated insoles should you need to.

First if you’ve lost your remote and purchased the new one, you will definitely have to pair your remote control with your insoles.

In the other situation, if your remote control fails to respond to your insoles for any reason and your remote does not change the heat settings, you should check a couple things before moving forward with re-pairing your insoles.

First make sure the batteries in your ProFlex heated insoles are fully charged. Secondly make sure that these batteries are properly inserted into your insoles. Third you want to make sure the plastic tab is removed from your remote control and fourth when you press a button on the remote, the LED at the top should illuminate.

If you’ve checked all of these things and your remote still does not work, you’ll want to re-pair your insoles with your remote control.

Here’s how you do it.

First you want to insert your fully charged batteries into your insoles and when you do this you’ll notice that there will be a green LED light inside the battery compartment blinking once intermittently to show that they’re on and in No Heat mode.

What you want to do now is take your thumb or a blunt object like the backside of a pen or marker and press down firmly on the T in ThermaCELL printed on the insole. Press two times.


After you do this, the LED light inside that battery cavity will blink in an irregular pattern. During this pattern, you’ll want to press high or medium on your remote control and to verify that it’s reprogrammed.

You’ll want to make sure that on medium your insole is blinking twice and on high it’s blinking three times inside that battery compartment.

You’ll want to repeat this with the second insole and now your programming is complete.

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