Warmest Slippers For Cold Feet

These are the warmest slippers for cold feet.

UPDATE: See New Model of Volt Heat Battery Heated Indoor Outdoor Slippers

Review of Volt 3V Generation III Battery Heated Indoor/Outdoor Slippers


warmest slippers for cold feet

Kick chilly feet to the curb with Volt heated slippers. The soft insulated upper coupled with an electrically heated sole evenly blanket your feet with heat so you’re free to move in comfort.

The built-in thermostat automatically regulates the temperature between 110 and 135 degrees for perfectly cozy comfort.

The battery-powered slippers are perfect for lounging around the house and thanks to the recycled rubber sole and water-resistant nylon shell, the boots work just as well outside.

foot warming slippers

When they’re dirty just remove the batteries and toss the boots in the washing machine.

The rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack detaches from the boot for quick and easy charging with the included AC adapter.

On a full charge, the batteries comfortably provide soothing warmth for at least six hours.

They come with a wireless remote so you can easily adjust the temperature settings. You must held the button on the remote down for about 5 seconds before it makes the battery change levels.

The on/off switch on the remote is really useful. When your feet are becoming very warm, just press the switch in your pocket and the power is off.

Volt heated slippers warm your feet without sacrificing mobility.

heated slippers battery powered

I am giving them a five star because they have solved my mother’s problem – at age 77 her blood circulation is such that she cannot get enough blood heat to keep her feet warm, even in room temperatures.

Now she can slip on her electric slippers, sit working or move about, and keep warm feet. The heat output is the best when compared to the other products on the market.

One of her friends has neuropathy in the feet from Multiple Sclerosis and have suffered great pain from having cold feet. Since getting these slippers, she had not had any neuropathy pain!

She is now advocating these boots to our people in her community and have converted quite a few persons.

electric heated slippers

If you have been plagued with cold feet, these foot warming slippers will save you. They are very comfortable, non-skid and keep feet warm but not too hot. They also wear very well.

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