Ravean Heated Jacket Review (Warmest Winter Jacket)

Here I’m going to review Ravean jacket. This a VERY warm winter jacket and I was really surprised because it’s so thin. And it’s amazingly stylish and feels so good!.

warmest winter jacket

It is a jacket that you could wear anywhere from 55 degrees down to 4 below.

There are two switches. One for the jacket which has heating panels on the front and back and then there are the pockets that are heated as well which have their own button.

There’s a battery that is placed in the back of the jacket so that you don’t feel it. It’s about a half pound and it also has the ability to charge your cell phone up to six times.

It has three different settings – high, medium and low and it’s really easy to use. All you do is you press it down for about five seconds to get it going and then there’s a medium one click then you go down to low and that’s as simple as it is.

In the past these jackets were cumbersome, they were too big, they were ugly and they were single-use.

Ravean jacket is an everyday wear jacket that you can wear rock climbing and then you can go back to the office.

Ravean Heated Down Jacket

How long could you be out without having to recharge? Up to 10 hours!

When it’s about negative 10, this can go for about 3 hours, 5 hours in about 10 degrees and 8-10 hours in about 20 to 30 degrees.

If it lasts 10 hours, would it take 10 hours to charge it? NO, it’s only actually 90 minutes! So you could be skiing, you could go out and ski all morning long, then you could hit the lodge, sit down, have a cup of hot chocolate or whatever, charge your jacket and then head back out again.

The Ravean jacket is so thin, you don’t have to do all that layering! It basically killed the idea of layering. You don’t need a layer because it will range from when you wear a light jacket all the way to four below, which is where you would normally layer. If you get too hot, you just turn it down a little bit.

This is Ravean hooded down jacket, a 12-volt battery system.

In front of the battery there is a button which shows your charge level. It’s kind of indicator lights to tell you how much it’s charged.

On the top of the battery you’ve got a full-sized USB. You’ve got your 12 volt input to charge your battery and then you’ve got your output to heat up the coat.

On the inside of the coat in the lower back there is a pocket for your battery. In the pocket you’ll find your cord to power up the coat and all you need to do is simply plug it in to the input, put it in the pocket and zip it up.

To power up the coat you’ve got two buttons. The first button controls the chest and back heating elements, the second button controls the pockets on both sides. When you plug in the gloves that switches automatically to power the gloves.

To power it on, you press and hold each button for about five seconds. Red indicates high and then to switch between each setting, which is high, medium and low, all you do is press it once to give medium, press it again to get low. The different lights or different indicators help you know which setting you’re at – red is high, white is medium and blue is low.

On the inside next to the battery pocket, there is the ability to charge your phone with your battery and the way that’s done is you’ve got your phone on the outside, throw it in the pocket and then the cord comes through a buttonhole, you can bring that through, there is a little channel that you can feed the power cord through, so your wires don’t get tangled up.

And then right through the battery pocket there is another hole that goes right through the pockets so you don’t have to have the zipper partially open and then that comes through that hole, plug it into the battery and it instantly starts charging, you don’t have to do anything or change anything. It just starts charging on its own and will power up the phone as long as you have it plugged in.

On the other side of the coat on the inside, there is an upper pocket, which we call a media pocket, so when you’re not charging your phone, you can have it here if you want. It’s a nice big pocket with a zipper. There is another buttonhole or media hole so that you can put your headphones through it and listen to music without having your wires exposed on the outside.

Down is another huge pocket with a zipper to keep things secure and you can fit a full-size mini iPad in there or any other media device.

One other feature of the inside is cinches at the waist to give you the ability to cinch it up real tight to keep the cold out on those cold days and nights.

On the outside of the Ravean jacket there are two front pockets for your hands. It has what we call an invisible zipper – once you zip it up you don’t see huge zipper pockets or zippers themselves exposed. It’s got a pole so that you can open and close it with gloves if you need to.

There is also a double-headed zipper so you’ve got a zipper at the bottom and at the top so you can open it up the regular way if you need to or if it’s really cold and you want to access one of these lower pockets on the inside, you can unzip it from the bottom and then you can get access to the big pocket below or the battery if you need to or just plug in your phone if you want to.

Each Ravean jacket comes with a set of gloves and these gloves are thin, lightweight but with the heating system, the heating pad. There are grips so that you won’t drop anything in wet conditions and it also has two fingers touch-screen sensitive so that you can use your phone or mobile device without having to take your gloves off. The gloves plug in through the cuff so you don’t need a battery or anything to charge them.

The wire retracts by pulling the yellow zipper pull and then if you want to extend it again it will bring out the wire that way. There is also another zipper to open and close the pockets if that’s all you want to do. Each sleeve has a pocket and you can put your keys or smaller devices or things in there.

On the wrists or the sleeve of the jacket there are a few features as well. One of them is the cuff itself, it has a spandex so it stays tight around your wrist to keep you from exposure to the elements. There is also an inner cuff to help keep out the elements even more and this works great if you use it with a glove as well because it go right over the glove.

Each jacket comes with a stuff sack and it’s the same color as your coat and this is great for when you’re traveling and you want to compress it down to fit it in a suitcase or a backpack so that the coat is protected and compact.

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