Hart vs Milwaukee: Battle of the Heated Jackets

Picture this: it’s a chilly winter morning, and you’ve got an outdoor project to tackle. Your regular jacket just won’t cut it – you need something that can keep you warm and toasty. That’s where heated jackets come into play. These tech-savvy garments are like a personal heater you can wear.

Today, we’re pitting two heavyweight contenders against each other in the ultimate showdown: Hart Heated Jacket vs Milwaukee. It’s time to dissect the features, compare the pros and cons, and help you make the right choice for your winter adventures.

The Contenders

Hart Heated Jacket: Hart has been making waves with their innovative heated jacket. With a focus on affordability and functionality, Hart aims to provide a heated jacket that won’t break the bank.


Milwaukee Heated Jacket: Milwaukee is a well-known player in the heated jacket game. They’ve been delivering quality tools and gear for years, and their heated jacket is no exception.

The Features

Hart Heated Jacket: Hart’s heated jacket boasts carbon fiber heating elements strategically placed to keep you warm without bulkiness. It offers three heat settings, making it customizable to your comfort level. The battery is compatible with other Hart tools, which is a convenient feature for existing Hart users.

Milwaukee Heated Jacket: Milwaukee doesn’t hold back either. Their heated jacket comes with carbon fiber heating elements as well, ensuring even and consistent heat distribution. It offers three heat settings like Hart’s jacket, and it’s designed to provide up to 8 hours of continuous warmth on a single battery charge.

battery operated heated jacket

Pros and Cons

Hart Heated Jacket:


  • Affordable option for those looking to dip their toes into heated jacket territory.
  • Battery compatibility with other Hart tools can be a plus for existing Hart users.
  • Three heat settings allow for customization based on your needs.


  • Some users might find the warmth level slightly lower compared to higher-end brands.
  • The battery life might be shorter compared to premium options like Milwaukee.

Milwaukee Heated Jacket:


  • Milwaukee’s reputation for quality and durability extends to their heated jacket.
  • Excellent battery life ensures you stay warm throughout your outdoor tasks.
  • Carbon fiber heating elements provide consistent and comfortable warmth.


  • The price point might be higher compared to some other brands.
  • Compatibility with Milwaukee batteries might limit options for users with different battery brands.

Making the Choice

Choosing between Hart Heated Jacket and Milwaukee Heated Jacket ultimately boils down to your needs and preferences.

Choose Hart Heated Jacket if:

  • You’re on a budget and looking for an affordable entry into the world of heated jackets.
  • You already own other Hart tools, as battery compatibility can save you money.

Choose Milwaukee Heated Jacket if:

  • Quality and durability are your top priorities.
  • You need a longer battery life to get through your tasks without interruption.
  • You’re willing to invest a bit more for a premium heated jacket experience.

Hart Heated Jacket vs Milwaukee Heated Jacket

FeaturesHart Heated JacketMilwaukee Heated Jacket
Heating ElementsCarbon fiberCarbon fiber
Heat SettingsThree settingsThree settings
Battery CompatibilityCompatible with other Hart toolsSpecific to Milwaukee batteries
ProsHart Heated JacketMilwaukee Heated Jacket
AffordabilityGreat valueHigher price point
Battery LifeGoodLong-lasting
ConsHart Heated JacketMilwaukee Heated Jacket
Warmth LevelMay be slightly lower for some users
CompatibilitySpecific to Hart toolsLimited to Milwaukee batteries
PriceVery affordableHigher price tag


Final Thoughts:

When it comes to heated jackets, both Hart and Milwaukee offer solid options. Hart provides an affordable entry point without compromising on functionality, while Milwaukee brings its reputation for quality to the table with a jacket designed to keep you warm for hours.

Consider your budget, needs, and brand preferences when making your decision. Whichever jacket you choose, one thing is certain – you’ll be facing winter’s chill head-on, armed with a heated jacket that’s ready to keep you cozy, no matter the task at hand.

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