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Heated Apparel FAQ

electric, battery powered heated clothing

What is heated clothing?

It is an apparel that is heated by a rechargeable battery. You can adjust the heat because most batteries have 3 or 4 settings. How long the battery lasts depends on the setting you select (the higher the setting, the shorter the battery lasts) and how many heating elements your clothing has.

How does heated clothing work?

Small built-in wires go from the battery to the heating elements. These elements heat up and warm your body. The wires are typically made of carbon fiber, which is the reason why they are very lightweight and unnoticeable. Most heated clothing have three heating elements. For example, a jacket, a vest or a hoodie has two panels in the chest and one in the back.

Is heated clothing safe?

A. Absolutely. There are no risks for electrical shock because your skin does not touch wires. There is no risk even if you touch the wires – it is only a 7.4 volt battery (you can even lick it). In addition, batteries have safety features to automatically shut them off (this also means that there is no risk of fire). On the other hand, hot spots and inconsistent heating can happen if you buy low quality apparel.

Where can I buy heated clothing?

A. You can buy them online. Two best places are TheWarmingStore and CozyWinters. TheWarmingStore has the best selection of heated jackets, gloves, socks, insoles, blankets and all other warming apparel made by top-selling brands. Their headquarters is located in Philadelphia and they offer easy, fast shipping. It is a family-owned business and they are always searching for new merchandise to meet their customer’s needs.

What is the best heated clothing?

Top brands include ActionHeat, Gerbing, Venture Heat, Hestra, Mobile Warming, Volt, Lenz, DeWalt, Milwaukee. You can see all brands here.

Who makes the best heated motorcycle clothing?

There are a few great companies. The leader is Gerbing. For almost four decades, motorcycle riders have come to trust Gerbing heated clothing to help keep them warm, comfortable and safe while they ride even on the coldest highways. They offer a complete line of products to help keep you warm while you ride. Their heated jackets and jacket liners provide heat in the chest, back, sleeves and even the collar. Their heated gloves heat the entire length of the finger, including the thumb, as well as the back of the hand.

Who is heated gear best for?

People buy them for all kinds of outdoor activities and needs. Most common are:

  • hunting
  • fishing
  • hiking
  • camping
  • motorcycle riding
  • cycling
  • skiing
  • snowmobiling
  • walking
  • watching outdoor games
  • golf
  • construction
  • work
  • shoveling snow
  • elderly
  • people with arthritis
  • bikers
  • some people even use them to save on utility bills

How to make heated clothing?

In order to make your own heated clothing you will need some components. You will need: a jacket or a vest or some other piece of apparel; heating pads that are meant to go inside of a jacket, vest or sweater; electrical connectors; PMW controller with an on/off button and an adjustment knob; some wiring, such as 16 gauge wire; a power source, such as a 12 volt tool battery from Milwaukee.

Heated Gloves FAQ

best heated gloves

Do battery operated heated gloves really work?

Yes, they do! They work perfectly at keeping hands warm. According to a market analysis, more and more people are using them. Sales are increasing every year. This would not be possible if they do not work.

Are heated gloves any good?

Yes, they are exceptionally good. They are ideal for most activities in cold weather for a prolonged period. Many people use them for shoveling snow, walking the dog, hiking, skiing, hunting. They are very safe to use and there’s no risk of shock despite the wiring in them.

Where to buy heated gloves?

You can buy them online. Two best places are TheWarmingStore and CozyWinters. Both of these places offer only high quality gear. The only difference is that TheWarmingStore has much bigger inventory. They also have a 30-day return policy.

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What are the best battery heated gloves on the market?

The best heated gloves are:

  • Zanier Aviator GTX
  • Gerbing Gyde Featherweight
  • Volt Titan
  • Gerbing Gyde S4
  • Volt Tatra
  • Therm-Ic Heated Powergloves
  • ActionHeat Premium
  • Outdoor Research ALTIHeat Lucent
  • Venture Heat Epic 2
  • Seirus HeatTouch XTreme All Weather Waterproof
  • SealSkinz Extreme Cold Weather
  • Lenz 3.0
  • Zanier Heat ZX
  • Therm-ic Heated PowerGlove IC 1300
  • Ansai Mobile Warming LTD Max Leather Glove
  • Tourmaster Synergy 7.4V Leather

You find them here.

What are the best motorcycle heated gloves?

The best motorcycle heated gloves are:

  • Gerbing EX Pro Heated Gloves – 12V
  • Gerbing G3 Heated Motorcycle Gloves for Men
  • Volt Heat MOTO Leather Motorcycle Gloves
  • Mobile Warming Barra Leather/Textile Heated Gloves
  • California Heat 12V Heated Leather Motorcycle Gloves
  • Venture Heat 12V Heated Carbon Fiber Knuckle Motorcycle Gloves

You can see them here.

Heated Socks FAQ

best heated socks

Do battery operated heated socks really work?

Of course they work. They work extremely well. They keep feet warm even in freezing temperatures. People really love them. Once they start using them, they can’t imagine spending a few hours in the cold without these socks.

Are heated socks worth it?

If you hate suffering from cold feet, they are absolutely worth the money you spend on them. Many people even wear them at night in bed. Once you get them, you will never have cold feet again.

Who makes the best heated socks?

The following manufacturers make the best-selling electric socks:

  • Lenz
  • Volt
  • Grbing
  • ActionHeat
  • Flambeau
  • Therm-ic
    Mobile Warming
  • Glovii

You can find them here.

Where can I buy heated socks?

There are brick and mortar stores that sell them but they do not usually have large selection of electric socks. A way better option is to buy them online. The biggest online shop is TheWarmingStore. You can choose between 50 different models. See them here.

Other FAQs

Are heated jackets worth it?

If you spend prolonged time outside for fun or work during cold winter days, than heated jackets are absolutely well worth it. You can comfortably spend up to 12 hours in cold weather and do what you want or need to do. You can never do that with regular winter jackets.

How much does a heated jacket cost?

The cheapest models cost about $99. Others cost $149 and $199. More expensive models cost $249 and $299. Most expensive electric jackets cost $349 and $499. See all prices here.

How long do heated jackets last?

With proper care, they can last as long as regular jackets. When it comes to heating elements, quality plays a crucial role. In other words, not all heated jackets are created equal. As with many things in life, you get what you pay for.

Who makes the best heated insoles?

The best electric insoles are made by Therm-ic, Hotronic, ActionHeat and ThermaCELL, You can see them here.

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