4 Best Battery Powered Heated Blankets

Looking for the best battery powered heated blankets to keep you warm this fall and winter? Here are four great models that allow you to enjoy the outdoors year round.

ActionHeat 7V Battery Heated Throw Blanket

battery heated throw blanket

When you wrap yourself in the ActionHeat Heated Throw Blanket, you’ll feel toasty warm all over thanks to the cutting-edge technology that’s included into the product.

ActionHeat goods are groundbreaking because they have built-in heating panels and are composed of ActionFlex material, which delivers lightweight heating, pleasure, and mobility.

The heat and comfort that ActionHeat products provide lasts for hours thanks to the combination of FAR infrared heating and ActionWave heat reflecting technology.

ActionHeat makes it possible for you to stay warm and take advantage of wintertime outdoor activities longer than ever.

With ActionHeat, you can keep your core temperature up and continue to enjoy winter activities outside for significantly longer than before.

The ActionHeat 7 Volt Battery Heated Throw Blanket will keep you warm no matter where you are or what you are doing—whether you are sitting in a car, relaxing on the couch, or rooting for your favorite sports team.

ActionHeat battery heated throw blanket ActionHeat heated blanket


  • Technology that allows for control through the use of touch buttons.
  • Power bank battery life is displayed by 4 LED power indicators.
  • 7 Volt Battery
  • 31.5″ x 55″ in size

Time estimates for heating:

  • 25% – 8 Hours
  • 50% – 5 Hours
  • 75% – 3 Hours
  • 100% – 2 Hours

battery powered heated blanket battery operated heated blanket

What People Are Saying:

  • At last! Feet that are nice and toasty! When I sleep outside while camping, this blanket keeps my entire body toasty. The blanket warms up rapidly and uniformly across its width and length. When I do need to wash the blanket, it is simple to do so.
  • I often get cold while camping with my mom, even when I’m resting by the fire, so we bought this, and it works great. The heating elements are excellent, and it resembles fleece.
  • I’ve had this blanket for a few years and am really content with it. It’s portable, so you don’t need to stress about being close to an outlet to use it.
  • Camping is a great family activity, especially for my daughter. The fact that this blanket can be heated is main reason why she adores it. This thing was discovered by an extremely brilliant person. I absolutely adore it and will place another order shortly.

The Kodiak Battery Powered Heating Blanket

heated blanket that runs on batteries

The Kodiak is the newest model of revolutionary portable heating blankets, and it was especially created to satisfy the demanding needs of outdoor enthusiasts.

The Kodiak Battery Powered Heating Blanket will keep you toasty as the weather drops whether you enjoy hunting, fishing, boating, or camping.

The rain-, wind-, and snow-resistant shell is made to withstand the elements and keep you cozy.

battery heating blanket

For ultimate comfort and best heat retention, the luxurious microfleece lining encases an internal insulation.

No limitations, no cables, just portable. The 100% portable Kodiak blanket fits your outdoor lifestyle.

Use the provided wall or automobile chargers to keep your battery pack charged. Even mobile device charging is possible on the go.

Includes carrying bag, wall and auto chargers, and a 36″ extension cord for the battery pack.

The space-grade insulation that lines the whole Kodiak blanket is where the magic of this blanket really happens!

Kodiak battery powered heating blanket

This leads to increased battery efficiency as well as heat retention for a significant amount of time after the battery is depleted or the device is turned off.

All of this incredible technology is also fully machine washable for your convenience. You got that right!

Simply take out the battery pack and toss the blanket in the washing machine when your Kodiak gets dirty.

Cozee Battery Powered Heating Blanket

Cozee battery powered heating blanket

With its two USB ports and revolutionary battery pack, which provides continuous heat for over 5 hours, it’s easy to charge your mobile devices wherever you go.

With the innovative SURGE TECHNOLOGY, your blanket goes from freezing to cozy in a matter of minutes—no preheating required!

battery heated blanket for outdoors

The Cozee’s weatherproof shell is made to withstand wind, snow, and even light rain!

The Cozee offers three basic temperature settings: high, medium, and low, making it simple to use.

Full-body coverage and maximum comfort are produced by a fully integrated, strong, and flexible wiring system.

Cozee heated blanket

The inner microfleece traps heat and coziness. Hand pockets that are practical and comfortable.

It is completely risk-free. With just 12 Volts of electricity, it produces incredible warmth and has safety shutoff features.

Gobi Heat Portable Battery Operated Heated Blanket

Gobi Heat Zen battery heated blanket

The Gobi heated blanket will keep you warm this fall and winter. Built to provide the utmost warmth and comfort for up to 6 hours.

battery operated heated stadium blanket portable battery heated blanket

You receive full-body heat from the blanket’s three heating zones.

Gobi heat blanket Gobi heat heated blanket

LED controller with a single touch and three heat settings (low, medium, and high).

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