Warmest Socks in The World (TOG Rating Socks)

Here you will discover the warmest socks in the world, with very high TOG rating.


Around 15 years ago the quality of thermal socks started to go downhill. They got cheaper but they got thinner and lighter too and people’s feet got colder. In 2006, an inventor David Doughty was watching his son play football when he realized his feet were freezing despite his so-called thermal socks.

Right there and then David decided to invent a completely new kind of thermal sock. A sock so warm his feet wouldn’t know it was winter. That’s how the warmest socks in the world were born.

The key to insulation is to trap as much warm air close to the skin as possible. After two years of retooling and rigorous testing, they found the answer in an unique three-stage process.

First they created a high quality acrylic yarn mix with proven insulation power and a luxurious cashmere-like feel. Then they weave it into a special long looped pile for cushioned comfort all day long.

Warmest Socks in The World

Finally a secret brushing technique makes the insides of the socks wonderfully soft while holding warm air close to the skin.

The patented heat holders process was absolutely unique and it still is.

The result is a sock with the best thermal properties in the world. Heat Holders have a TOG (thermal overall grade) rating of 2.34, that’s far warmer than heavy walking socks, nearly three times warmer than standard thermal socks and seven times as warm as basic cotton socks.

In fact Heat Holders are probably the warmest thermal socks in the world ever created.

Right from the start people who spent a lot of time in the cold told they loved the blissful all day long warmth and comfort of Heat Holders.

Since they were introduced in 2008, they’ve sold an incredible 15 million pairs worldwide and expanded the range to include hats, gloves, tights, leggings, underwear, snug overs and even blankets.

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They look so cozy on your feet.

Heat Holders are thermal insulated socks for both men and women.

They truly will keep you warmer than the other socks that you use, no matter if you’re using the wool socks, the cotton socks, whatever they might be.

These will keep you warmer and the inside of them is like a hug.

When your feet are cold, your entire body is cold.

What’s so great about Heat Holders is that they’re just so warm. Independent studies came back with the highest TOG rating. TOG means the ability to keep your feet the warmest they can be.

These came back with a 2.34 rating and the basic cotton sock came back with a point three. So if you do the math these are seven times warmer than the basic cotton sock.

If that were not good enough, they also did another study and they tested Heat Holders against twenty other thermal socks and out of those they also came back again with the highest TOG rating.

What makes these so special and unique is that they use an advanced insulating yarn. It’s much like a cashmere acrylic, it’s going to be wonderful because it’s gonna have superior wicking ability and superior warmth.

They also use advanced knitting technology to produce long loop thermal pile that makes these so warm. That traps in all the hot air against your feet, keeping your feet super warm and then they brush the inside of the sock and that’s what gives you that wonderful cushion, that comfort and again the warmth because it’s really all about the warmth.

Another great thing is that they do not add bulk so much to your boots or whatever you might be wearing. You will be able to fit in your shoe.

People who use them say what they really love about them other than the warmth is that they don’t make them sweat and that’s very important because you don’t walk around all day with your feet feeling wet and uncomfortable.

I also like that they’re non-binding at the top so they’re never going to be too tight around your leg, which is great for so many people for so many different reasons.

I also want to mention that these wash really great.

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If you need even more heat, see these battery operated heated socks.

Warmest Socks On Earth Ever

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