Warmest Socks For Extreme Winter Cold

Heat Holders Thermal Socks are the warmest thermal socks on sale in the world today. They are proven to perform over seven times more effective than basic cotton socks and over two times more effective than ordinary thermal socks at keeping your feet warm.

Warmest Socks For Extreme Winter Cold

What’s the secret? The science behind the socks!

It’s revolutionary three-stage insulation system:

Stage 1. The advanced insulating yarn which provides high performance insulation against cold with superior moisture wicking abilities. It is also beautifully soft and warm to the touch.

Stage 2. The unique long looped thermal pile. This innovative knitting technology produces unique extra-long looped cushion pile which holds in warm air, increasing the thermal TOG (thermal overall grade) rating.

Stage 3. The soft brushed inner. This intense brushing process maximizes the amount of warm air held inside the sock for all-round warmth and comfort.

Together the three processes combine to form a superior sock with an incredible TOG rating of 2.34. They are very durable too.

With Heat Holders your feet will stay warm and comfortable whatever the weather and whatever you were doing.

They are perfect for everybody, for all types of activities, occupations, health benefits or just simply comfort around the house. You can even wear them in bed.

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With an incredible TOG rating at 2.34, Heat Holders are by far the warmest socks in the USA. They are probably the warmest sock that’s ever been created.

To understand why we’re making such bold claims, you need to look into the story behind their creation.

Before 2006 the quality of thermal socks was rapidly deteriorating. Market demand was for budget socks which were thin and poorly insulated.

The creators of Heat Holders were not willing to accept this situation. They wanted to develop a product that was fit for purpose – a thermal socks that they could be proud of.

So what makes them so different to their rivals? The answer is their three-stage thermal system.

1. They use specially developed cashmere like acrylic insulating yarn. It has extremely high thermal properties.

2. Their unique innovative knitting technology produces extra-long loop thermal pile. Heat holders loops are much longer than those in conventional thermal socks. Their longer loops create a thicker and warmer cushion against the cold.

3. Every pair goes through an intense brushing process that maximizes the amount of warm air that can be kept close to the skin, which is the true secrets of thermal insulation.

And to top it all off, they are unbelievably comfy too. I do everything in mine, even sleep in them.

You can buy this amazing product for extreme winter cold here.

The great outdoors are not so great when you’re freezing cold. All you can think of is getting home and feeling warm but that need not be the case. Not if you’re wearing Heat Holders – they are two times warmer than basic thermal socks and seven times warmer than normal cotton socks!

I think people should wear them in the winter because it means you can stay confident with your look, you’re very comfortable and you’re totally warm.

They have that soft brushed inner lining, they’ve got this long loop thermal pile but what you don’t necessarily see is the advanced insulating yarn that’s hidden deep within. It gives a really superb thermal sock.

I adore Heat Holders because they feel so soft, they are so warm and they do what they say they do and I need that because I’m out in all weathers, all the time.

They are available for both men and women in different colors.

Heat Holders Thermal Socks

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Warmest Socks On Earth Ever

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