Super Warm Socks For Cold Feet With Poor Circulation

So, how to keep feet warm with poor circulation?

If you are suffering from cold feet due to poor circulation, I strongly suggest that you consider these super warm socks.

Gerbing’s Battery Heated Sock Liners

socks for cold feet with poor circulation

You’re getting two socks, the left side and the right side specific, that are built-in, that are wired up with a microwave technology. Each with its own battery that will last up to 10 hours of continuous heat on the lowest setting.

You’re also getting a harness if you decide you want to run the socks up to your belt.

There is a red element towards the bottom, that’s where the heating elements live within the sock. The wire comes out, it runs along the inside your leg and then up near the top where is the lithium-ion battery.

The battery allows you to not only control the power output which at the highest level gives you two continuous hours of 135 degree heat but it goes down in increments of 25%, from 75, 50 and ultimately at the lowest setting at 25 percent, which is going to be 85 degree heat but give you 8 to 10 hour range per sock per leg.

Gerbing Battery

It’s a basic sock that’s breathable, it has a stretch element to it, there’s elastic towards the top to keep it up and keep in place.

This would be great for any type of active sport or anytime you need heat in your feet and it’s cold out, so think about skiing, snowboarding, fly-fishing, inside your waders, shoveling snow, whatever you need, this is going to keep you from getting cold, in some of the most bitter conditions, because a lot of times this is gonna live underneath a winter boot.

There are a couple of different ways that you can use them.

Warmest Socks On Earth Ever

The first way is by putting a harness underneath your pants and it would go up around your calf and this would have the battery pack that lives inside of it.

The second way that you would connect your sock is using clips. Each one of these heated sock packs comes with two clips and each one of these clips also comes with his own sticky.

Remember, there are two batteries, the one for each sock, so you can sticky the clip to the battery and instead of wearing the calf harness, you could actually clip this to the outside of your boot. It’s not a Velcro piece, it’s actually a full sticky, so once you install it it’s gonna be a little bit hard to remove it.

The last iteration works regardless of whether you’re clipping or if you’re using your harness, which is included and that goes around your calf.

There is also a big Y cable and what the Y cable allows you to do is wear the socks, use the elastic to keep them high and then really connect at the top of each sock to both sides of this Y cable, which then fishes up both of your pant legs and goes up to a single battery.

So if you have both of those batteries, you can really cut the power in half. You do this in more milder climates. Cut the power in half and now you’re getting up to 20 hours of continuous power.

A great use for this would be something that’s easy, that’s not a really tight fitting garment. So if you’re wearing this under waders of your fly-fishing and the battery pack actually just kind of lives in one of your pockets.

There is a AC power adapter that’s gonna plug into a typical plug in your wall and there are two chargers so you can charge both of your batteries, one for each sock individually at the same time.

You might be asking yourself, compared to some of the other core heat items that are in net hundred to $200 range for a pair of socks that are going to be heated, $200 is a significant cost and that’s really because you’re getting two complete core heat lithium-ion microprocessor units, one for each sock. So effectively on each foot you’re gonna have a self-contained unit.

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