Best Heated Socks Review (Battery Powered)

Here are the best heated socks on the market:

  1. Lenz 5.0 Heated Slim Fit Sock w/ Heated Toe Cap
  2. Volt 3V Rechargeable Battery Heated Sock Liner
  3. ActionHeat 3.7V Rechargeable Battery Heated Socks – Wool
  4. Gerbing Gyde Heated Sock Liner – 7V Lithium Battery
  5. Therm-ic PowerSock Set 700 Uni Socks
  6. Mobile Warming 3.7V Performance Heated Socks with Bluetooth
  7. Hotronic XLP ONE PFI 50 Heated Socks Set
  8. Glovii 5V Battery Heated Sock Kit with Remote
  9. Flambeau Heated Socks
  10. FNDN Heated 3.7V Slipper Socks

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best heated socks

Volt Heated Socks Review

Both men and women can wear these very comfortable rechargeable battery powered heated socks to have their feet warmed whenever they want!

This is especially good news for people with chronically cold feet because these extra thin, electric sock liners provide up to 10 hours of soothing heat.

But it’s not just the warmth that they will give you.

The socks will also keep your feet dry because they are made of micro polyester that repels moisture.

battery powered heated socks

They also fit perfectly because spandex interlock fabric conforms to your foot.

When it comes to heating, the warmth is delivered to the bottom of the foot through the toes and the heel.

The socks are operated by two powerful 3.7v 2000mah flat rechargeable lithium batteries. Each battery weighs only 2 ounces.

Batteries are discreetly tucked into small pockets with hook and loop closure on the side of each sock. They are fully recharged in 3-5 hours.

battery operated heated socks

Every battery has a built-in microprocessor controller, allowing you to choose between 4 power level settings:

  • 100% (highest setting) = 3+ hours
  • 75% (medium/high setting) = 4.5 hours
  • 50% (medium/low setting) = 6 hours
  • 25% (low setting) = 10 hours

You also get two battery leg straps if you want to buy additional batteries that will provide over 20+ hours of warmth on the lowest setting and 8 hours on the highest setting.

If you are active while wearing them, nylon cinch cord at the top of the sock will help keep a secure fit.

Includes a remote control and a dual charger.

best electric rechargeable heated socks

They are very easy to care for. Removing batteries, hand washing and air drying is all that is needed to keep them fresh and looking new.

According to many reviews, people find these battery powered heated socks very helpful because the entire soles heat up.

These foot warmers are the best option for all kinds of uses: hunting, fishing, walking, working outside, inside ski boots, for people with Neuropathy and other conditions, etc.

Unlike other heated socks that have too big and bulky batteries, these come with small flat batteries and you don’t even notice them.

Another great thing is that when wearing them with your boots, you only need the 50% setting. Off course, this will depend on the outside temperature and the quality of your footwear.

Since they’re very thin, you can wear another pair of socks underneath them, extending the time before needing to wash them.

Here is one more important fact. The heat produced in these electric socks is a steady, gentle heat. A heat regulator prevents the socks from getting too hot. Most other heated socks do not come with the regulator, so when the sock gets uncomfortably hot, you must remove the batteries.

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volt battery heated sock size chart

Bottom line:

heated hunting sk isocks

For many people, cold days mean lots of fun outdoor activities such as riding a snowmobile, building snow men, skiing, etc. Unfortunately, this also means the problem of cold feet for most men and women.

To make things worse, frozen feet can lead to coughs, cold and fever!

To keep your feet warm and to prevent catching a cold, these heated socks are one of the best solutions!

Winter sports enthusiasts and even people who stay indoors love this winter accessory.

If the cold weather has been putting you off, there is no need to worry.

To keep the cold at bay, to make your feet comfortable and to enjoy winter activities easily, the perfect solution is to invest in these battery operated heated socks.

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Other great models:

Therm-ic Heat UNI 1400B Power Socks Set


Hidden heating elements provide optimum heat distribution to the entire foot. Batteries provide up to 16 hrs of heat. With Bluetooth functionality to remotely manage heating via smartphone.

Capit WarmMe 7.4V Battery Heated Socks


They use an infra-red heating technology and carbon heating elements to diffuse the heat evenly. Made of special cotton and spandex, they have sporty look and are resistant and soft. Small, lightweight and fast rechargeable batteries can power the heating circuit for more than 6 hours.

Meister Battery Heated Socks


Thea are made using a custom blend of wool, cotton and spandex. Heating elements are integrated into the top of the toe box and radiate heat that warms the whole foot. Variable temperature control with 4 heat level options and up to 8+ hours of heat per charge.

Erik Sports Xtremeheat Heated Socks


They feature a blend of 82% merino wool with spandex and elastic. Extra thick comfort foot bed and arch support woven in.
Carbon heating element are under the toe bed. Wireless remote control and up to 8 hours of heat.

Glovii Heated Socks


These 100% cotton socks are made using expert brushing process, causing the inside to be really soft and to keep warmth for longer. The carbon fibers heating elements, located on top part of the feet, have medical properties, thanks to infrared waves.
With a remote control and 6 hours of heat.

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  1. Georgia

    how do you recharge the batteries?

    1. Greg (Post author)

      You will get a recharger.

  2. Georgia

    can you wear another sock over these instead of under?

    1. Greg (Post author)

      Yes, you can.

  3. Elise

    Do downhill ski boots rub where the battery pack is located?

    1. Greg (Post author)

      No, they do not.

  4. Zach

    Which pair of socks can be wash?

    1. Greg (Post author)

      This one can be wash: Just do not wet batteries.

  5. Lucinda

    Hi I’m just wondering if you do these socks in ladies size 4/5?
    Also, if the socks aren’t right do you do a return and refund? Thanks!

    1. Greg (Post author)

      These socks can be worn by both men and women. The biggest size is XXL. Yes, the can be returned. Thanks. See here:

  6. Anthony

    I have Reynauds Syndrome. Warms toes are paramount. Good for toes? Don’t care about the rest of the foot.

    1. Greg (Post author)

      They should work fine for you.

  7. Carolyn Branch

    Can you send a link where I can buy these socks please

    1. Greg (Post author)
  8. brian stewart

    need size 3

    1. Greg (Post author)

      Here you can find many options:

  9. Rick

    Do these use an industry standard replaceable battery (if so, what size?), or a proprietary battery?

    1. Greg (Post author)

      Proprietary battery


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