7 Rechargeable Battery Operated Heated Socks People Buy!

One of the best inventions to keep your feet warm are rechargeable electric heated socks. They are awesome for men and women who live where the weather gets cold or for those who have circulation issues.

Battery operated heated socks are very popular among people who enjoy in skiing, hunting, fishing or among those that are working outside on cold days.

best heated socks

Electric socks prevent vasoconstriction by providing heat to your extremities and work much better than thick woolen socks.

They come in two variations: some are operated by batteries while others are hardwired to a motorcycle or other vehicle.

They are available in lots of sizes, materials and prices.

List of the best rechargeable heated socks you can buy in 2021:

  1. Lenz 5.0 Heated Slim Fit Sock w/ Heated Toe Cap
  2. ActionHeat 3.7V Rechargeable Battery Heated Socks – Wool
  3. Volt 3V Rechargeable Battery Heated Sock Liner
  4. Therm-ic PowerSock Set 700 Uni Socks
  5. Mobile Warming 3.7V Performance Heated Socks with Bluetooth
  6. Hotronic XLP ONE PFI 50 Heated Socks Set
  7. Gerbing Gyde Heated Sock Liner – 7V Lithium Battery
  8. Glovii 5V Battery Heated Sock Kit with Remote
  9. Flambeau Heated Socks
  10. FNDN Heated 3.7V Slipper Socks

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Let’s review some of the best options:

Volt 3V Rechargeable Battery Heated Sock Liner

battery operated heated socks
These are very popular due to their spandex feel and comfortable large heating sole.

They are made with a moisture-wicking micro polyester to keep your feet dry while spandex interlock fabric forms to your foot for a better fit.

They get very warm and last up to 10 hours per charge. Soothing warmth is delivered to the bottom of the foot, from the toes to your heel.

They are powered by two small rechargeable Vb320 lithium batteries. They weigh just 2 ounces and are discreetly tucked into a small storage pocket on the side of each sock.

ActionHeat Cotton Rechargeable Battery Heated Socks

ActionHeat Cotton Rechargeable Battery Heated Socks

They have ultra-fine heating panels that are strategically placed to provide maximum warmth. The panels are powered by 3.4V batteries that generate heat for 10+ hours. The heating element is on the ball of the foot by the toes.

They are very comfy and stylish and are made with Alpha-Flex material that provides versatility. ActionWarmth fabric provides maximum insulation and fit.

Mobile Warming Unisex Standard Heated Socks


They feature antibacterial tri-blend construction that resists unpleasant odors. They also pull sweat away from your skin thanks to moisture-wicking high-stretch fabric.

Ultra-fine heating elements are powered by ultra slim batteries. You can change heat using a wireless controller to select between 3 heat settings.

Heat zones are under the toes. You feet will stay warm for up to 11+ hours.

Lenz Heated Socks

Lenz Elite Heated Socks

Lenz is the latest innovator of high-end heated socks. They are becoming one of favorite new electric socks. They also have full foot heat and long lasting batteries. Ergonomically knitted with padding on the exposed parts and at the shinbone area.

They are expensive over $300+ but many people say they are well worth it!

Gobi Heat


These 100% cotton heated socks are soft and comfortable that fit nicely into boots or shoes. You can change the temperature wirelessly using a remote control.

Heat zones are under the toes and you get 12 hour battery life. 3 heat settings: low, medium, and high. Battery pocket is located above your boots.

FNDN Heated Waterproof Socks


They are powered by radiant core heat technology and USB rechargeable BEGO battery system. This battery is the smallest and lightest in its class.

These 100% acrylic sock are waterproof to keep your feet dry and warm!

They have four heat levels: high, medium, low and smart pre-heat that save battery. You get 4.5 hours of continuous run time.

Gerbing Heated Sock Liner

Gerbing Heated Sock Liner

These are one of the most often recommended heated socks. They have a full foot heating pad and are very warm, so you will need to use the controller to regulate for optimal thermal comfort.

They use a 7.4V battery and will last between 2-10 hours depending on conditions and power setting.

In the end, if the cold weather outside has been putting you off; stop worrying because with electric socks you can enjoy cold day outdoor activities easily.

Whichever you choose you can be assured that your feet will stay warm this winter.

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  1. Robert

    Question, not comment:

    Need electrically heated socks for men. Rechargeable batteries greatly desired. Must be black color for military use (outside of shoe).

    Please respond with models and price.

    1. Greg (Post author)

      You can see all the models and prices here: https://www.staywarmed.com/bhs

  2. Mike

    Question: what happens when the socks get wet while being worn?

    1. Greg (Post author)

      They are designed to be safe even when wet. But, keep the battery dry. If a battery gets wet, remove it and let it dry before reconnecting it.

  3. Steve

    if you think you may have a problem with a battery getting wet….spray it liberally with WD-40 or a silicon based spray…it will still conduct electricity efficiently and keep the water away


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