Zanier Aviator GTX Heated Gloves Review

Zanier gloves is an Austrian company and all their products are developed in cooperation with pro athletes and tested in the Austrian Dolomite mountains.

These guys really know how to make great gloves and with the addition of battery heat, these great gloves are even better!

Let’s talk about the Aviator GTX glove.

zanier aviator gtx heated gloves

It’s the best glove they make and probably one of the coolest, most high-tech gloves on the market!

These are originally developed with hang gliders, paragliders and other aviators in mind, hence the name.

They’re constructed with high quality materials such as a Gore-Tex membrane, goat skin palms, four-way stretch shell and a Primaloft filling.

They offer winning water repellency, breathability and wearing comfort.

Each glove also has a conductive fabric on the thumb and the index finger so you can use all your touchscreen gadgets without taking off your gloves.

Due to its brand new technology, the Aviator GTX glove warms better, longer and with less weight than any other glove on the market.

Maximum heating period is up to 20 hours on low (99F), 10 hours on medium (113F) and 5 hours on high (144F). You can select these different levels using the function keys +/- on the upper-hand side.


In addition to being the warmest gloves, you’re gonna get about double the heating time compared to any other glove on the market and as with all Zanier heated gloves, the batteries are developed to work in the harshest of conditions.

The high-quality lithium-ion battery weighs just 50 grams and is invisible and imperceptible within the glove. They are waterproof as well as shock-resistant.

These things are really awesome!

Besides Aviator GTX heated gloves, Zanier has two more great options: Hot GTX mitten and Heat GTX glove.

These guys are definitely no scrubs compared to the Aviator.

zanier hot gtx 2.0 heated mittens

They’re both constructed with high quality materials such as Gore-Tex membrane, four-way stretch shell and goat skin palms.

They have the exact same heating system as the Aviator with about half the heat time.

It’s still gonna be plenty of time. You’re gonna get about 10 hours on low, five hours on medium and three hours on high.

The very obvious difference between these two gloves is that one is a mitten and one is a full finger glove.

zanier heat gtx heated gloves

As with all Zanier heated gloves, they come with thermic impulse processor control heating technology, which not only heats your hands but it stimulates blood circulation to your fingertips, making all Zanier gloves some of the most advanced gloves on the market.

No matter what model of Zanier heated gloves you decide on, you’re gonna get a high technology, top-of-the-line product.

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