Best (Warmest) Winter Gloves For Extreme Cold

ThermoGloves your secret weapon for warm hands during chilly winter day. They are the best winter gloves for extreme cold. Especially for people working in freezers.

When you use only regular gloves on cold winter days, the cold air penetrates the gloves and your hands begin to freeze. ThermoGloves is the solution to this problem.

ThermoGloves are wireless heated glove liners that come with a unique keypad temperature control with three temperature settings. Simply adjust the heat with the touch of a button.

The best gloves are made of micro thin stretchable carbon fibers that guarantee a perfect fit and provides even heat to all the fingers.

best winter gloves for extreme cold

The primary heating zone is around the fingers and a second heating zone is located across the top of the gloves, assuring warm hands at any time.

Other than the expensive heated gloves available in the market today, you can now wear your ThermoGloves as a stylish and lightweight heated glove or wear them inside your favorite ski gloves, mittens or working gloves.

heated glove liners

Whether you go hunting, biking, walking your dog or working in the cold, with ThermoGloves you can be assured that you will always have warm hands.

We consulted a doctor to hear about the importance of warm hands and the use of heated gloves. Dr. Werner Kommer confirms that ThermoGloves are ideally suited for the prevention of colds.

When using ThermoGloves, open both zippers of the pouch inside the gloves and connect the cables found inside the pouch to the sockets of the batteries firmly. Store the battery inside the pouch and close the zipper.

The batteries weigh only 59 grams. That’s less than the weight of a normal watch. Open the velcro straps, put on the gloves and close the straps. Adjust the straps for a better fit.

With just the touch of a button, you can choose from easy-to-select heat levels: low for those slightly chilly days, medium when it gets a little colder and high for maximum heating on the days when you really need it.

warmest winter gloves

Press the black on/off keypad control button for a few seconds to activate the heating mode. A LED light on the keypad control will then light up, indicating that the gloves are in the heating mode.

The initial color of the LED light indicates the status of the battery: red means the battery is fully charged, yellow indicates that the battery is half charged and green indicates that the battery power is low and should be charged before use.

The temperature can be adjusted by pressing and releasing the keypad control button. The light will change color to indicate the temperature: for low, the light turns green; for medium, the light turns yellow; for high, the light turns red.

Please note that the actual heating time always depends on the outside temperature and if the gloves are worn separately or in conjunction with outer gloves or mittens.

Try this simple test to see if your ThermoGloves are working. Switch on the gloves and put them in the freezer for 10 minutes, then remove from the freezer and turn on the gloves. Within one minute you should already feel the warmth on your hand.

ThermoGloves come with rechargeable two-point 700 mAh lithium-ion polymer batteries that can be recharged up to 500 times with no effect on the memory. Additional battery packs can be purchased separately to assure even longer heating times.

Each box of ThermoGloves comes with batteries, adapter, cable, an instruction booklet and the handy storage pouch.

battery heated gloves

Gloves are available in two sizes: small/medium and large/extra large.

Now you are ready to break any weather condition with ThermoGloves!

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best winter gloves

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  1. Sarah J Treuer

    I need extreme -40 degree keep me warm to work in cooler or frezzer room. Most of gloves not works as well I get frostbite. it is hard to find for safely at work.

    1. Greg (Post author)

      I’m sure you can find what you need here:


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