Best Heated Stadium Seat With Back, Rechargeable

The best portable heated seat for any outdoor event is the ActionHeat 5V battery heated stadium seat with back.

The seat reclines to six distinct positions, providing comfort and versatility for any outdoor event.

heated stadium seat

In addition to this, the stadium seat can be reclined all the way back to a flat position.

You may stay warm for up to 6.5 hours thanks to the strategically positioned two extra-large, ultra-fine carbon fiber heating panels. These panels are strategically placed on the seat cushion and on the back.

heated stadium seat cushion

Three heat settings are offered, ranging from 145F to 110F, with a hidden, waterproof battery compartment and touch-button control.

The power bank’s battery life is shown by 4 LED power indicators.

It comes with straps that can be adjusted to make carrying the seat easier when traveling.

The flat measures 32″ in length, 20.5″ in width, and 2.5″ in thickness.

best heated stadium seat

Contents of the material:

  • 100% Polyester for the shell
  • 100% foam for cushion
  • A water-repellent shell

heated folding stadium seat

How to Use Heated Stadium Seat

  • Charge up the power banks to their maximum capacity using the charger kit provided.
  • Put the USB plug from the power bank into the pocket that’s placed on the top of the cushion.
  • Press and hold the touch-button control on the cushion for three seconds to turn it on. To change the temperature, use the touch button.

heated stadium seat with back

What People Are Saying?

Here is what people are saying about rechargeable heated stadium seat with back:

  • I had no idea what all the fuss was about until I acquired one for myself. Now that I’ve used it, I want another one.
  • The heating capabilities of the cushion are exceptional. It will last for hours when you plug it into a USB power bank. It warms up really fast and stays at a comfortable temperature!
  • I’m over the moon about how it turned out. It has an incredibly high level of craftsmanship, and the quality is superb. Feels excellent for my lower back and heats up quickly.
  • I believe it lasts even longer than they claim. The seat cushion itself is rather normal, but the heating system is where the actual value lies.
  • This seat cushion is extremely effective! Quickly warms up, and it helps keep my kid seated on the bench during football games.
  • Having heated seats is easy and affordable with this method! Excellent for the colder months. It has temperature control and heat up so fast!
  • I bought this in the early fall for use during my grandchildren’ soccer matches, and it has been a huge assistance. I was so pleased with it that I decided to buy another for my spouse! I am overjoyed by the warmth.
  • Seats in the open air are extremely uncomfortable. Now I can sit through an entire game while enjoying some soothing heat.
  • Now that I have a warm, comfortable bottom thanks to your product, I can watch my grandson play football.
  • It serves essentially two purposes: first, it heats your butt, and second, the cushion makes it possible for you to sit in the same position for three hours without feeling quite as uncomfortable.
  • Costly but well worth it. I enjoy that I can adjust the heating intensity in response to the weather.
  • Because I would get too cold sitting on the bleachers watching my grandson play football for his high school, I used to either leave early or arrive at halftime. I’m too old to stay standing for several hours. I started using this late in October after receiving it from my daughter at the beginning of the season, and now I can watch the entire game! Excellent!
  • Warm, cozy, and carrying is made simple by the straps. I give it two thumbs up!
  • When I go to see my son play soccer, I grab this seat for myself so that I won’t have to just stand there shivering in the cold.
  • Because I don’t like to sit on seats in public places, this cushion is incredibly convenient for me because it’s light and portable, and the fact that it’s heated is a true benefit.
  • When I turn on the heating, it has such a profound and calming effect on me that I never want to leave it in my car. I always carry it with me.
  • When I use this for my wheelchair, neither the material nor the position of the batteries causes any problems for me. I enjoy that I can change the temperature to a level that is more comfortable for me.
  • When I go fishing early in the morning before it gets warm, I put this on my chair, which makes sitting on the folding chair a lot more pleasant.
  • I purchased this for my workplace chair because our office gets chilly in the winter. Great results! I simply plug in the battery every day before I leave so that it is completely charged in the morning.
  • This cushion is what I use in my golf cart, and it’s wonderful to have some warmth on the field. I have told all of my golfing friends about this.

rechargeable heated stadium seat

heated stadium chair heated portable stadium chair ActionHeat 5V heated folding stadium seat

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