How to Stay Warm at a Football Game, Outdoor Sporting Events

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Tips For Staying Warm at a Football Game, Outdoor Sporting Events

Nothing compares to enjoying a game live with your buddies, but as the season progresses, it can become quite frigid and unpleasant to be seated in the stands.

Despite the fact that rush of adrenaline from seeing your favorite team score can help you get through, you’ll be sitting for the majority of the game, which is when the cold truly sets in.

You are in luck because there are a number of various ways that you can keep the cold at bay so that you can cheer on your team to success without having to worry about freezing to death.

The following are seven ways for staying warm at at a football game or other outdoor sporting events.

Check the Weather on the Day of the Game

You need to be aware of the weather conditions ahead of time so that you may prepare accordingly and enjoy the game in the most comfortable manner possible. Check the local weather, paying special attention to the predictions for the game time and the next few hours. Find out how cold the wind will be and whether it will rain or snow.

 Wear Layers

Layered clothing is essential in cold weather. Comfortable, thin clothing should be worn as the first layer. Long-sleeved shirts, sweaters, or sweatshirts should be worn as additional layers after that. If temperatures should increase during the game, you may always take off a layer to become more comfy. The layers of clothing will help trap your body’s heat.

For layering, cotton is not the best material. Cotton retains moisture and might make you feel colder than before. The best materials to use for layers that will trap heat but not moisture are microfiber, polyester, and wool.

Wear Quality Boots and Wool Socks

Sneakers should be the last thing you want to wear to an outdoor game on a cold day because your toes will be the first area of your body to feel the chill. Put on a pair of wool socks and a decent pair of insulated, water-resistant boots instead.

Put on a pair of wool socks and a decent pair of insulated, water-resistant boots instead.

Cover Your Hands and Head

If the head is uncovered, a significant amount of the heat generated by the body will be lost. By donning a knit cap, you will be able to keep that heat, which, in turn, will assist in keeping the other parts of your body toasty.

Wearing a pair of warm gloves that have adequate insulation at the tips of the fingers will allow you to remain warmer and more comfy even if the game goes into overtime. This is because the tips of your fingers, just like the tips of your toes, will begin to suffer faster than any other body part.

Bring a Seat Pad With You

On a freezing winter day, sitting in stadium seats can feel like you’re sitting on a block of ice due to their hardness and coldness. You may stop the ice-cold seat from stealing your body heat by placing a seat pad or blanket between you and your seat.

Consume Warm Food

Keeping warm requires that your body have enough fuel to do so, and the only way to ensure that it does so is for you to keep your internal furnace stoked. Avoid cold foods and drinks and load up on warm foods and hot beverages. You’ll be able to resist the cold winds easier if your core is warm.

Move Around

You will become colder more quickly if you don’t move around. So, as you start to feel the chill setting in, get up and move around. Your body temperature will increase as a result of the exercise, and you’ll start to feel better.

These seven tips are great and they will help you stray warm at a football game to some extent. But to REALLY beat the cold and be warm and cozy I strongly recommend you get heated gear.

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