Stay Warm With Rechargeable Heated Clothes

Ban the cold and keep yourself warm with the best battery operated body warmers for men and women:

Heated Gloves


They provide perfect wearing comfort because they adapt ideally to the shape of the hand and are made of an extremely thin and elastic material. They have three different temperature settings with 34 degrees C, 39 degrees C and 44 degrees C. The gloves come with high-tech, extremely thin and flexible Carbon fibers that ensure an even distribution of heat. Find more | Watch video

Heated Glove Liners


They can be worn on their own or under other gloves. Since they are made from a spandex and polyester blend, you can effortlessly slip gloves and mittens over them. They do not just warm the palm, but fingers as well. This is possible because the heating elements are positioned on top of each finger. You can choose between three heat settings. Find more

Heated Mittens

heated- mittens

They reach 135º F in just three minutes. They have incredible performance due to alloy heating elements woven in the palm and fingers. Removable Li-ion battery provides over two hours of heat on medium temperature setting and seven hours on low. The water-resistant polyester shell is filled with lightweight insulation that retains heat. Find more

Heated Slippers


They can be used indoor or outdoor. Soothing warmth is provided by similar technology used in luxury car seats. You can select from 4 different temperature settings. A heating system is made of small conductive fibers woven throughout the insole and placed between the foam and foot bed lining. This cushions the foot as well as insulate it. Find more | Watch videos

Heated Insoles


They can be cut to fit all kinds of shoes. They are ergonomically shaped and absorb shock. The insulated fabric liner stops warmth from leaking through the soles of footwear. They are water resistant. Integrated thermostats detect the actual temperature of your feet and adjust accordingly, so your feet never get too hot. Find more | Watch videos

Heated Socks

heated socks

They provide warmth to the bottom of the foot through the heel and the toes. Four different heat settings are available. On the lowest setting, you foot will protected from the cold for up to 10 hours. Your keep will stay dry thanks to a moisture-wicking micro polyester. Spandex interlock fabric forms to the foot giving you an amazing fit. Find more

Heated Jacket


This is the best warmth-to-weight jacket available today because the insulation factor is increased by 200%. This is achieved by combining the Zero Layer heating system with 80 grams of lightweight, thermally efficient polyester fiber insulation. The heating elements are strategically located in the back and chest, protecting against the worst winter cold. Find more

Heated Vest


It will not only keep you warm but you will also look fabulous in this vest. It is constructed in such a clever way that it feels like a part of your body. It is lightweight, comfortable to wear and really stylish. There are two heating panels in the chest and a large heat panel in the back. Find more

Heated Pants

heatd pants

They have three separate zones of warmth – one in the bottom’s backside and two in the knee area. The silky spandex battery-heated base layer bottom generates a maximum of 30° above ambient temperature. Maximum range of motion is ensured with hair-thin micro fibers as conductors of heat. Unisex pants stay toasty for up to five hours. Find more

Heated Base Layer

heated base layer

This lightweight garment will keep your core warm for up to 15 hours when you choose the lowest temperature setting. When used on high intensity, it provides over 170 degrees of heat for 3.5 hours. Two panel heating system is placed in the middle of the back of the gear. It also repels moisture, keeping you dry. A micro polyester/spandex material with a brushed fleece lining makes it very comfortable as well as good looking. Find more | Watch video

Heated Hat

heated hat

This beanie-style hat produces battery-powered heat in wide zones directly over the ears, giving you up to five hours of warmth. The plush microfleece hat has a rechargeable lithium battery that generates heat in three different intensities. The warmth is distributed via microfiber elements woven into the fabric. A temperature control is located under the brim and can be operated even with bulky gloves. Find more

Heated Scarf

heated scarf

This is the fleece scarf that is ultra thin and flexible. The scarf loops comfortably around the neck because its carbon heating elements are tucked imperceptibly at the center of the fabric. The battery is placed at one end of the scarf, while the controller can be found at the other end. The scarf produces up to six hours of cozy warmth and you can choose between one of three heat settings. Find more

About Heated Clothing

electric, battery powered heated clothing


As the temperature drops when summer is over, many people find it very difficult to even step out of the door.

Engage in outdoor activities in cold winter weather is unimaginable to them.

One solution is to put on layers of warm clothing.

However, it is not a functional solution because it can be very uncomfortable and it restricts your movements, especially if you need to work.

The perfect solution is heated gear. This is a special type of apparel wherein batteries generate heat for keeping people warm and comfortable.

Electric heated clothing is mostly designed for men and women who engage in physical activities during the cold weather.

But they are also excellent for those of us who enjoy outdoor hobbies such as motorcycle riding, biking, skiing, hunting, fishing, etc.

Another great benefit of this apparel is that they are breathable, waterproof and resistant to winds.

But do not think that heated clothing is just for outdoorsmen. Not at all. This technology is accessible and useful for everyone.

Many people are discovering the practicality of wearing heated clothes in and around the home.

For example, more and more individuals are using them to stay warm while saving on utility bills!

If you are an office worker, you can greatly benefit from these clothes. Some business owners try to cut their expenses by reducing their heating costs. This can mean freezing for their workers. But with this apparel, your comfort at work is not in danger.

For example, you can wear heated vest under a shirt to keep you body warm, or put heated insoles in your shoes to keep your feet cozy.


How much heat is generated by this gear depends upon the type and wattage of the batteries used.

Lithium ion rechargeable batteries are often used in this type of clothing. They can operate for several  hours on a single charge. Since they are not expensive, you can have a spare on hand. That way you can recharge one battery while using the other. That’s how you can have non-stop winter comfort!

Lithium ion batteries generally generate a lot of heat over a wide area, and have great run times.

Avoid electric clothing that uses alkaline batteries. They have a very limited heat output, and as a result the heated area is small. Also they provide only about 3 watts or less.

A lightly better option is nickel metal hydride (NiMH) battery. It has better heat output and covers more area, but it does not last long.


There are some people who worry about their safety. They do not like the idea of wearing resistance wires wherein electricity flows.

However, there is absolutely no reason for them to be intimidated!

They are perfectly safe to wear!

Unlike the heating elements found in some of electrical machines, the resistance wires in heated clothing do not produce as much electricity and they never get hot.

If you want to feel more secure, keep in mind that most of this gear allows you to control the temperature.


All in all, thanks to these clothes, you do not need to stay the house when the weather is really cold.

You can go outside comfortably and enjoy in your favorite outdoor activities.

And let’s not forget that these clothing items are also quite stylish, so you can beat the cold in style!

Instead of spending your money on a regular winter garment, invest in these clothes because they are fashionable and more effective solution to keeping yourself warm.

You can warm yourself up from your head to your toes, with heated hat, scarf, jackets and vests, gloves, slippers, insoles, socks. Or you can identify the parts of your body that feel the cold most and address these parts directly.

There is really no reason to suffer in the cold. Buy some electric clothing and start enjoying the winter weather, while the entire world is shaking miserably.