Great Heated Hunting Gloves

Being an outdoor activity, hunting requires suitable clothing that would help you face the extreme cold weather conditions. Don’t forget your hands while on winter hunting missions.

Having warm hands when you are stationary before dawn break or in just-above-freezing temperatures, means getting the warmest hunter gloves.

If you are an devouring hunter, you will love ThermoLogic heated hinting gloves. With these electric gloves, you will never have cold fingers again!

Warmth throughout the glove is provided by the metal clad polymer fiber filaments that are woven into the glove lining. The filaments extend to the edge of the fingers and thumb and down the back.

heated hunting gloves

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The control button is located on the thumb back. You can use it to adjust three temperature settings:

  • low at 85°F – 4 hours
  • medium at 100°F – 3 hours
  • high at 115°F – 2 hours

Stretch polyester shell is laminated to a waterproof breathable film and fleece. This creates a water-resistant and windproof material.

No water can penetrate into the glove thanks to waterproof baggie.

You can easily keep your hands safe from bruises with durable leather-like knuckle protectors.

The perfect fit is provided by the adjustable wrist strap, which also locks out the cold. In addition, cold air cannot seep in at the wrist because of long gauntlet.

The back of the glove gauntlets is where you slip battery packs into zipper pockets. You can recharge 7.4V lithium ion batteries in about 4 hours.

Excellent grip is provided by grip-tex and silk screen palm patches.

Lining is chemically treated with anti-bacterial, scent elimination properties.

Hunters and other outdoorsmen really like the warming effects of these heated gloves.

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