5 Best Disposable Hand Warmers (Chemical, Air Activated)

Here you will find the best disposable hand warmers. They use non-toxic chemicals that are activated when exposed to air, generating heat.

HotHands Hand Warmers, 40 Pack Case

best hand warmers


These are single-use air-activated heat packs that deliver up to 10 hours of continuous hand warmth. They are ready to use and produce safe and natural heat. Made in USA.

HotHands Extra Large Hand and Body Warmers, 40 Pack Case

chemical hand warmers


These disposable had warmers are larger and last longer than standard heat packs. They provide up to 18 hours of warmth for the hands and body. They are also air activated.

Grabber Warmers, 40 Pair

air activated hand warmers


Made with safe, non-toxic materials, they are quickly activated by air and keep your hands toasty for up to 10 hours. No shaking or kneading required. Average temperature 135°F (57°C)

Grabber Mega Warmers, 30 Pack Box

disposable hand warmers

2 times bigger than the standard hand warmers, they measure 4″ x 5″. They provide up to 18 hours of continuous warmth.

Therm-ic Pocket Warmer – 20 Pair Box

hand warmers in bulk therm-ic-pocket-warmer

These disposable warmers are activated on contact with oxygen and provide up to 8 hours of odorless heat. Made of only natural substances. Dimensions: 70 x 95 mm.

The HotHands and Grabber are a great heat source during the wintertime, especially for your fingers.

They are very inexpensive. They are disposable. Use them one time, but they last for 10 to 18 hours, according to what you get. They will last all day long!

During really cold days these can be invaluable.


Do Hand Warmers Expire?

No, they do not expire as long as they do not come in contact with air.

How Long Do Hand Warmers Last?

It depends on the product you buy. Most of them last between 8 and 10 hours, but there are also those that last up to 18 hours.

How Do Hand Warmers Work?

The pouches are air activated. It’s actually iron powder, water salt, activated charcoal and vermiculite. They are combined and what you do is you shake them up and what that does is it mixes those chemicals with the air. It takes between fifteen and thirty minutes for these to fully heat up, but it doesn’t take long for these to start warming up. You don’t want to puncture these bags and get the content out.

What to Do With Used Hand Warmers? How to Dispose of Them?

Ingredients are not harmful to the environment and can be disposed of with regular garbage.

Where to Buy Hand Warmers?

You can buy them both online and in stores near you. I suggest you buy them here because of very good price and you can buy them in bulk: www.staywarmed.com/warmers

What Are Hand Warmers Made Of?

They contain ingredients such iron, activated carbon and water. These components oxidize and produce heat when they come into touch with oxygen in the air.

How Hot do Hand Warmers Get?

The average temperature they reach is 135°F (57°C). But the maximum temperature can be 158°F (70°C).

How to Use Hand Warmers?

To begin, simply open the package and take the warmers out. Some need to be shaken, some don’t. I just take them and throw them in my pockets. Even if you have gloves on you can keep these in your hands.

If you need your fingers without gloves, warm them up in your pockets with the warmers in and then you can take them out and do what you need to do.

But you can also this little pouch and slide it into your glove and put it in the palm. Now the palm of your hand is warm and you can bring your fingers in and feel the warmth if you need to.

Are Hand Warmers Toxic?

No, they are not toxic. They contain natural and environmentally safe materials.

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