Best Rated Heated Jackets For Men & Women

Designed for the most severe weather conditions, these best rated heated jackets will keep you warm and comfortable.

They will not only make you look good, but they will enhance your life.

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30seven Heated Softshell Jacket

30seven-men-heated-softshell-jacket 30seven-women-heated-jacket

This battery heated jacket keeps your neck, shoulders, kidneys, and lower back warm for up to 7 hours with rechargeable lithium-ion batteries.

The jacket is water- and wind-resistant thanks to the softshell fabric. This jacket’s side armpit vents and air permeability make it ideal for any outdoor sports, work, and hobbies.

The warmth created by the heating element is retained via adjustable cuff tabs and an elastic drawstring at the bottom.

30seven is the only brand that makes jackets with removable heating elements. The system is incredibly user-friendly thanks to this unique approach and the battery holders in the two side zipper pockets.

The same heating element can be used in our other coats and base layers.

8K FlexWarm Heated Hooded Jacket

8k-flexwarm-men-battery-heated-jacket 8k-flexwarm-women-hooded-heated-jacket

It’s a lightweight, adaptable, and fashionable heated hooded jacket that blends current design, high quality, and clever heating technology.

The Flexwarm heating technology is so thin that it can be printed on fabric and then layered on top, making the 8K jackets ultra-lightweight, durable, and washable.

Unlike traditional carbon fiber heating systems, which use thick, sparse wires, the Flexwarm technology evenly distributes heat, resulting in no cold spots and a faster warm-up time.

This enables you to control your ideal body temperature via the Powered by Flexwarm app, thanks to the three distinct heating zones.

The jacket is tailored to the body’s contours and has an adjustable hood for added rain and wind protection, ribbed cuffs to keep heat in, and body insulation.

ActionHeat 5V Battery Heated Jacket

actionheat-5v-heated-jacket actionheat-5v-heated-jacket-women

It employs unique 5V signal technology, allowing it to work with most 5V batteries. It comes with a 6000mAh super-powerful 5V Power Bank. This power bank can charge your phone or other USB-charged gadget as well as power your outfit.

It makes use of cutting-edge technologies to raise the core body temperature. It’s composed of ActionFlex, a lightweight material that combines warmth, comfort, and mobility.

Three built-in heating panels strategically placed on the chest and upper back warm your core body temperature with the strong Tri-Zone heating technology.

It provides hours of heat and comfort thanks to FAR infrared heating and ActionWave heat reflective technology.

Soft shell with a breathable fleece lining. Rain and snow are deflected by the water-resistant softshell.

Comfort Wear Battery Super Heated Jacket


It’s constructed of a soft-shell material that’s wind and weather resistant, dries quickly, and breathes well. This means that no water from the outside can get in, the wind is kept out, and perspiration can quickly escape the jacket. You’ll be sure to remain toasty with the world’s first heated hood!

A 12v charging kit is included with the jacket, allowing you to use any 12v power outlet to run the jacket or charge the battery, extending the battery’s life when you’re not near a power source. Other firms require the purchase of two heated jackets to achieve this dual capability.

The twin LED control button allows you to activate the hood and jacket heating zones independently of one another, so if you’re wearing a helmet, you can turn off the hood to save battery life.

The heat is easily activated with the push of a button on the LED controller. There are three temperature settings: low, medium, and high.

FNDN Heated Athletic Jacket with Built-In Heated Gloves


This jacket not only gives an adjustable level of heated comfort but also lights up, illuminating you, so you can safely enjoy outdoor activities whether you’re hiking across campus, walking the dog, riding your bike, or on an evening commute.

The unisex jacket is made of a high-end water-resistant, lightweight, breathable, and flexible material. Your phone can even be charged while wearing the jacket.

There are thin, heated gloves stored away that might be quickly deployed if the weather turned bad. When not in use, the gloves can be easily tucked away.

For the chest, back, and built-in heated gloves, there are separate multi-zone LED and heat settings. On low heat, it can run for up to 8 hours continuously.

FNDN Women’s Heated Parka with Built-in Heated Gloves


To create and trap heat throughout core body areas, this heated parka blends a next-generation DWR water-resistant and windproof shell fabric with carbon fiber heating elements.

The radiant core heating technology gives top-quality warmth and comfort during frigid temperatures and even allows you to charge your mobile device. It is powered by a long-lasting 5,000 mAh battery system. On low heat, the battery can last up to 9 hours.

The outer shell is stretchy, windproof, and long-lasting. The parka’s performance in wet situations is improved by adding a durable water repellent coating.

The multi-zone controller on the chest allows you to adjust to changing conditions by managing the temperature of the built-in gloves as well as increasing or reducing the heat intensity across different zones with the touch of a button.

Chest, back, and built-in heated gloves all have their own multi-zone heat controls. The faux-fur ruff on the removable, fully adjustable hood can be removed.

Gerbing Gyde Khione Heated Jacket

gerbing-gyde-men-khione-heated-puffer-jacket gerbing-gyde-women-khione-heated-puffer-jacket

Gerbing microwire technology is used to produce first-rate heating performance. This insulated jacket is more breathable, flexible, and durable than any other on the market.

The garment’s performance in wet situations is improved with the addition of a robust water-repellent coating. The bonded lining adds comfort and optimal heating effectiveness and heat retention to the jacket, enhancing its warmth.

Close-fitting for extra warmth, and powered by three unique Microwire heating zones.

A rechargeable 7V lithium-ion battery provides up to 8 hours of on-demand heat.

Gobi Heat Shift 5 Zone Heated Snowboard Jacket


The tough exterior PU-coated poly fabric shell resists wear and was designed with snow sports in mind.

The 3-bar LED light clearly reveals the selected heat setting, and the 5-zone heating blankets your body in warmth.

The heat intensity may be changed with just one finger touch! The hood is deep enough to go over a helmet, and the internal waist gaiter keeps snow out.

On a single charge, the ultra-slim 7.4 volt rechargeable Li-Ion battery heats all 5 zones for up to 9 hours.

Kelvin Howard Heated Parka Jacket

kelvin-howard-men-heated-parka-jacket kelvin-nova-women-heated-parka-jacket

One of the most modern and polished parka jackets available. It was created to provide maximum comfort and quality in any setting.

Right chest, left chest, right pocket, left pocket, and mid back are the five core warming zones. There are three temperature settings and a maximum heating time of eight hours.

With superior sustainable polyester insulation and a smooth, gentle to touch lining, the exterior is refined, sturdy, and water resistant.

Fur ruff and hood are detachable.

Mobile Warming Backcountry Heated Jacket


It has a low-profile 7.4-volt battery and is built with Primaloft synthetic down. It comes in two colors.

Primaloft is a down-alternative made of ultra-fine insulating fibers made from recyclable resources. Water repels from the clothing thanks to Waterpell technology.

The Backcountry is stylish enough to wear on its own, yet light and compact enough to wear beneath your favorite rain or snow jacket as a base layer.

The Backcountry 7.4-volt heating system can reach temperatures of 135 degrees Fahrenheit on high and 90 degrees Fahrenheit on low. On high, it can heat for up to 2 hours, and on low, it can heat for up to 10 hours!

With two ways to change the heat, temperature management is straightforward. The built-in waterproof touch control button is the first. It allows you to choose from four different instant heat settings with only a click of a button.

Second, there is a Bluetooth control that can be accessed via a free app. Individual heat levels can be readily adjusted to your liking using the app. The app allows you to get real-time battery level information.

My Core Control Mens Battery Heated Jacket


Its technology works by warming the pulse point on your inner wrist to cause a change in core body temperature that can be measured.

This revolutionary technology gently heats your blood as it flows through your wrists and returns to your heart, where it is subsequently pumped throughout your entire body from head to toe.

It effectively warms you from the inside out.

For up to 12 hours, you may control your body temperature with three levels of adjustable heat.

Ravean Down Heated Jacket

ravean-men-down-heated-jacket ravean-women-down-heated-jacket

It’s fine in temperatures ranging from -10 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit. As the weather changes, you can adjust the internal temperature.

Warm your back, chest, and pockets with the heating system.

Your jacket can not only keep you warm, but it may also charge your mobile gadgets when you need them.

Material is light, breathable, and water resistant. It’s the ideal jacket for traveling, working, or having fun.

For a hood, there is a time and a place. But who wants a hood when they don’t need one? As a result, the hood of this heated down jacket may be removed.

ThermoGear Battery Heated Puffer Jacket


It comes with a powerbank for immediate heat and warmth on the move! The jacket, which comes with a detachable hoodie, is extremely light. It reduces the need for bulky jackets and clothing layers.

To promote efficient heat transfer and safety, the warming panels have been built with a thinner overlay. They’re on the back of the shirt, and one on each side of the cuffs. A illuminated power button in front of the chest controls three heat settings ranging from 77 to 113 degrees Fahrenheit.

The accompanying 8,000 mAh USB Power Bank can keep you warm for up to seven hours. You can charge your phone, tablet, or most other low-capacity electronics with an independent USB power bank that powers your jacket.

The soft nylon micro rip-stop shell of the heated jacket repels water on the outside while keeping you toasty on the inside.

Tourmaster Synergy Heated Jacket

tourmaster-synergy-7-4v-women-heated-jacket tourmaster-synergy-pro-plus-12v-heated-jacket

Soft-shell fabric made of 100% polyester that is wind and water resistant. Fixed lining made of 100% nylon, microfleece collar, and rib knit cuffs. Side stretch panels made of lycra add to the comfort.

There are seven flexible carbon fiber heating elements: two on the chest, two on the sleeves, two on the back, and one on the collar.

Thermoplastic elastomer wire connects the heating elements for enhanced safety and efficiency. On the left chest, there’s a waterproof 3-setting LED smart soft touch controller.

The integrated microprocessor and thermal cut-off safeguard the elements from power surges and overheating.

The battery life varies from 2.5 to 10 hours depending on the temperature setting.

Unoo Men’s Wyne Heated Jacket


The first heated all-season jacket created specifically for the Canadian cold. Temperature range: 10°C to -20°C. Casual and comfortable for regular use.

Shell is made of three layers, each of which is waterproof and breathable. Water and wind are kept out thanks to the taped seam design. Zippers that are resistant to water

Upper back and shoulders are heated. There are three different heating levels.

Synthetic insulation with a high warmth-to-weight ratio. It’s extremely light, weighing less than 2 pounds. It’s up to 40% lighter than down filled.

Battery pocket with an ergonomic design. For 6 hours of operation, using a standard battery with a capacity of 10.000 mAh and a voltage of 5 volts.

Venture Heat Men’s Escape Heated Softshell Jacket


Any 2.1A USB Power Bank can power this USB jacket. It was inspired by active lives and designed to withstand the toughest of environments.

The entire jacket is lined with an extra soft plush fleece that not only traps heat but also adds to the level of comfort.

The micro-alloy heating panels have been updated to feature a thinner mesh overlay for maximum heat transfer efficiency.

On top of that, the heated softshell jacket is also windproof and water resistant, so you’ll never be cold again.

On the low setting, the battery lasts 11 hours.

Venture Heat Insulated Heated Jacket for Women


It blends style, convenience, and on-demand heat. This jacket’s outside fabric is water and wind resistant, keeping the cold at bay.

Three heat panels are included, one for your back and one on either side of your chest. The heat will stay within the jacket thanks to an athletic style waist, elastic wrist cups, and a lightweight insulated layer, which will provide top-quality heat retention.

It has six pockets for all of the necessities of modern life. There’s even enough for your iPad in one of the pockets.

A 2.0A USB battery powers each heated jacket.

Volt Heat Radiant Heated Jacket

volt-heat-men-5v-radiant-heated-jacket volt-heat-women-5v-radiant-heated-jacket

Because of its ability to radiate heat deep into your body’s core, it’s called the Radiant Jacket. This heated jacket is the perfect combination of a quilted nylon torso that keeps the heat close to your core and soft shell arms and shoulders that allow you to move freely.

It is fueled by a 5 volt USB power bank battery, which is readily available in most retail places. These batteries can be used to charge your phone or to heat up the radiant jacket.

When the temperature drops, this athletic but beautiful jacket may be worn with the heat system on full blast or without it on a light spring day.

It has a four-zone heating system that focuses on both sides of the chest as well as the upper/middle back between the shoulder blades. The unique Zero Layer Heat System allows for efficient heat transfer, allowing the heat to permeate deep into the core of your body for a more effective warming sensation.

On high, the included 5v 6000mAh USB powerbank battery gives relaxing heat for 2+ hours, and on low, for 5+ hours.

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