Best Heated 12V Motorcycle Jacket Liner & Vest

It’s very simple! If you have heat, there is no end of the riding season! Stay toasty warm on the bike with these great products.

Gerbing Gyde EX Pro 12V Heated Jacket

Gerbing Gyde EX Pro 12V Heated Jacket

This is a full-bore motorcycle jacket with armor, coming complete with a full-sleeved heated jacket liner.

It’s three season cold weather jacket. It is waterproof and breathable through a non removable hipora liner. You also have Knox Flex armor in the shoulder and the elbow as well as in the back, on a frame made of PU coated Cordura, so it’s gonna be 500 denier.

Fully functional allowing you to add heat where you need it and it’s part of the CoreHeat 12 line, meaning that’s not battery powered, it connects its heat directly to your bike.

There is some venting under the arm and there are a couple extras on the back, but they vent directly to the liner, they’re not venting directly to the body. For that reason, that indirect venting, you can call it three season cold weather jacket.

So fall, winter and spring. Mother nature is not gonna be able to touch it because it’s waterproof and breathable with that hipora liner.

It’s using Gerbing’s microwire so that’s gonna be seven panels of heat inside the liner of this jacket that you could remove and you can use it with another jacket or any other shell because it’s removable from the outer shell on the EX.

That’s tiny stainless-steel filaments. They go from 0 to 135 degrees in about 3 to 4 seconds. They don’t break, it’s not like copper wiring. It’s the gold standard when it comes to heated gear.

The jacket includes two chest panels, an arm panel on each side going all the way down the sleeve and you’re going to have two panels in the back and the collar is heated as well. So it’s a really nice touch that you have that versatility.

If you have a pair of Gerbing heated gloves, you can connect them using pre-wired glove connections at the end of sleeves.

If you take the look of the exterior of the jacket, it’s a mixture of rip-stop and non rip-stop Invista Cordura. There is a lot of reflectivity working at chest, collar, shoulders, cuffs, and back.

On the chest, you gonna see some of the pockets that are waterproof with a water resistant zipper. The same thing is down, along the base. You do have adjustability in the bicep as well as in the forearm.

On the front, there is a circumferential zipper. It is gonna open up and you’re gonna expose the inside of the outer shell. It’s going to be a basic mesh design that’s nice and lightweight.

heated motorcycle jacket

If you pull the thermal liner that has the heat in it out, you could rock this closer to the summer with it open from the top, but it’s not going to circulate well like it would if it had venting.

When you open it up, you’re gonna see red fleece collar, lightly quilted on the inside, it does have a little bit of a thermal property to it and then you could see big black panels. These are your heat panels in the arms, in the chest, in the collar and in the back.

There is a pocket with the panel where your controller would tie in. You’re going to have to buy a temperature controller. You do not want to just connect it to your bike. That’s not how Gerbing recommends to do it. It’s going to be constant heat all the time. It’s gonna sweat you out. It’s not going to work.

You’re gonna want to buy that heated temperature controller. Get the dual controller because that will allow you on a second circuit to add gloves at a later date and when you add those gloves, you can put them at a different level of heat.

This is super premium jacket. This is what Gerbing does, they are known for their advanced technology. You’re getting heated jacket liner that you can pull out and put it into your other jacket. Basically if you had another jacket that you want to wear for any reason, whether it be in another powered scenario like snowmobiling, you can go that direction with it. This jacket should be enough to cover you in that riding scenario.

It has a specific size chart so make sure you use it.

Gerbing 12V Heated Jacket Liner

best heated motorcycle jacket liner

It’s meant to be used directly connected to the power source on your motorcycle. It’s not battery-powered. This is a motorcycle-riding heated garment.

This is the starting point and the most popular heated product in the Gerbing line.

It’s meant to be worn over a base layer or a t-shirt.

It’s creating heat through seven panels: two in the chest, one on each sleeve, two in the back and the collar. What that’s going to do is allow you to stay temperature neutral for cold weather riding times of the year.

It’s very basic and simple and it’s meant to be comfortable.

You’re going to need to purchase a temperature controller separately to go with this because it has to connect to your bike and you have to control that heat.

All of the materials as well as the construction are done in the USA.

It has raven black micro rip-stop exterior. There is red brushed accents in the pockets as well as the collar.

There is a thermal resistor to every heat panel in the jacket. So the safe range for heat is 135 degrees. You don’t want it to get any hotter than 135 degrees or it can be harmful to your body or your skin.

What thermal resistor does? Just like your hairdryer, if you left it on too long at home, if it gets too hot, it decouples and it breaks circuit and it waits for the pad to cool down within 135 degrees before it kicks on again. That’s something that eliminates hot spots and it gives you better usage. That’s gonna increase the longevity of the garment.

The jacket uses microwire, that’s a proprietary technology developed for the US military. It’s a very flexible, very tiny stainless-steel strands that are thinner than a human hair. They carry that heat and allow it to go from zero to heat in four seconds.

When you open the jacket, you’re not going to see that chest panel. It’s gonna be flexible, you can see the stitching that keeps big panel of heat in place.

On the left interior side, you’re going to see where you connect your controller. There are three parts: white, which goes to the jacket liner controller, you have your power and then there’s a yellow that would connect it to the pan. That’s one of the cool things about Gerbing. Most people start with either a vest or a jacket liner. If you have the dual controller, you connect this bad boy to the pants which creates a second circuit.

Most people typically go from jacket liner to glove liner or heated gloves. So there’s also the ability to have it built-in instead of having to run the wires down your sleeve. There’s a second circuit and that’s why you should always get that dual controller. These would plug directly into your gloves. So if you have Gerbing heated gloves, now you have the ability to just run this guy right under the cuff of your jacket to your heated glove and you’re good to go.

The heating elements are actually guaranteed for life and the constructions are a three year warranty.

They won’t break and they’ll last over time. That’s the big difference between micro wire and some of the other stuff that’s lesser expensive on the market that’s using copper wiring because over time as it flexes, copper wiring breaks, breaks that circuit, ruins the heated garment, whereas micro wire is flexible and been bundled and it’s going to be much more durable for the lifespan of your garment.

Let’s look at the interior really quickly. There are big dual panels in the back and there is the zipper towards the bottom. That’s where you put Gerbing’s flex pack, which is sold separately. It is a battery that you can slide in when you’re off the bike and get four hours of heat when you’re walking around.

Basically this jacket is designed to keep you toasty warm when it’s freezing cold. It’s basically like a big thermal blanket that you put on.

A little tip worth noting. If you’re gonna ride and you think it’s not too cold now, I won’t put my heated jacket on, it’s better to stay warm than it is to try and get warm. Once you’re cold, it’s really difficult to try and warm your body up. It’s better to keep warm from the off.

What you’re getting here is a really simple jacket from its looks but the technology inside it’s keeping you nice and toasty warm on those winter rides is absolutely priceless and a good price point.

Gerbing Gyde 12V Heated Jacket Liner


In years past, we saw a more destination orientation of these heated jacket liners. They had pockets, they had knit cuffs, they had knit collars, they were more stylish, meant to be worn off the bike. No more!

Gerbing has said this is meant to be a base or mid layer to carry their heated micro wire technology that goes 0 to heat in under three seconds and be durable and flexible.

It is meant to give you seven panels of heat: two in chest, collar, both sleeves as well as two in the back. So full heat throughout and uses the latest technology.

This 12-volt heated jacket liner will connect to the wired controller, the dual controller, the wireless controller, it’ll do the Bluetooth controller, it has the pockets that connect to your gloves and connect to your pants. Fully flexible but it is meant to go under your jacket, not to be worn hanging out at the bar!

The outer of the jacket is micro rip-stop. It means if you puncture it and it begins to run, the rip stops those tiny encapsulated areas with the stitching, keep it from running. This is the technology from the outdoor world that’s been around forever keeping nylon from continuing to tear.

It has beefed up zipper, they’re going to have a rubberized pull that it’s easy to find with a gloved hand.

The collar is a little higher, it has a nice micro fleece on the inside, soft against your skin.

This jacket is taking something that was old school and making it more contemporary, making it not do anything but what it’s supposed to do, which is being a heated mid layer, letting you ride all winter long into the depths.

They’ve ditched the pockets, they’ve ditched the knitted cuffs, it’s now just a basic elasticated cuff. On the end of the sleeve, this is where you would connect your glove. It tucks away but that’s your glove connector. It also connects to the pants.

There’s a thermo gauge in this. So now you have the ability when it gets too hot that it’s going to decouple with that thermo gauge and what’s going to happen is you’re gonna be able to regulate the temperature so you’re not just gonna overheat.

On the inside, there is pocket that holds a handful of wires. This is where you would connect your controller.

With the Bluetooth controller that you buy separately, you set the Fahrenheit degree of what you want the internal jacket to be and if you set it at 78 degrees, it’s ultimately gonna keep you right at 78 degrees.

TourMaster Synergy 2.0

12v heated jacket

TourMaster has been doing heated gear through its synergy line for some time.

The key improvements with 2.0 is they’ve gone from a carbon fiber wiring system to a stainless steel, which is a more durable wiring system that’s also going to heat up faster. So heat on demand when you want it.

The other thing that I love about the TourMaster synergy 2.0 line is that it’s all-encompassing. So if you buy this jacket liner for just over that $200 price point, you’re actually going to get everything you need.

It’s full sleeve jacket liner, it’s actually gonna come both the jacket liner and the vest liner and comes with a dual controller. The key thing about this controller is it actually fluctuates so you’re gonna have five different heat settings: 109 degrees all the way up to the top end, number five is 167 degrees.

What that’s gonna allow you to do is when you set it, it’s actually gonna gradually bring the power up and bring the power down to keep people warm and more comfortable than just constant output of heat, which could make you start to sweat depending on what level you have.

The outer shell is more finished and more styled than previous models. If you look at the back, there is Accordian stretch panel down the sleeve and across the shoulder blade. The reasoning for that is that heated gear needs to fit tightly against your body. You want to add stretch panels so somebody can really get it, so it’s gonna form right to your body but gives you stretch so it’s not uncomfortable.

It’s not completely waterproof. It has a waterproof element baked into the actual exterior fabric but the seams aren’t sealed so it will be water-resistant for the most part but if you are wearing heated gear most of the time you’re gonna be wearing it under some type of three or four season type of jacket that would most likely have waterproofing in it.

The heat comes from the chest and arm panels as well as in the back. There’s no collar heat on this guy.

If you unzip this guy, you’re gonna see the inside that’s very comfortable and it also has a lining that’s gonna try to retain the heat.

Mobile Warming Dual Power


What is awesome about this jacket liner is it can be used on the motorcycle when you’re riding or off to do other activities that you may want to do outdoor.

What gives you heat is two large heating panels in the chest and it also has a large panel in the back of the jacket as well to keep you warm. Other features for heating panel on this jacket is going to be down their arms as well so you’re going to be able to keep the arms warm. You also have the option to use Mobile Warming 12V gloves.

What’s awesome about the dual power is when you’re off the motorcycle and you want to go do other activities – walk the dog, play the game, whatever it might be – you get a 12 volt remote battery. There’s a lead that sits in the pocket of the jacket. You’ll go ahead and plug that in and you simply push the button and then you can run your temperature control which would be the same way to run this controller if you are plugged in as well.

It always defaults to the highest setting which is red color and then it’ll go ahead and change colors depending on heat: 75% is orange, 50% is green and 25% power setting is blue.

It’s really a great product either on or off the motorcycle. The outer material is windproof and water resistant. It gives you that ability to do a lot of different things and it’s something you can wear out and feel proud of wearing.

Powerlet Atomic Skin Jacket Liner With Wireless Remote


This jacket is going to be something you would wear in place of a mid layer to keep you warm throughout the winter months. You would wear a simple base layer underneath this and then you’re gonna have a really nice stretch jacket liner that’s gonna work to keep you warm.

It uses a ProForm stretch material that really works with your body, it doesn’t add bulk and it’s gonna give you maximum comfort.

It uses the Nanocore technology that uses far infrared heat to heat you as opposed to traditional heating elements. It is gonna heat you from the inside out, giving you maximum comfort and you’re not gonna have to worry about it overly burning your skin the way you would with a traditional heating element.

It does heat you from the inside out, the same way the sun’s rays do. This is a homeopathic way of heating yourself and it’s not going to give you the traditional heating elements on the outside where that can burn you. This is gonna rather heat you from the inside, speeding up your body’s natural far infrared molecules and really working to warm you from the inside out.

Sizing will range from extra small up to three XL and the color you’re gonna see is going to be the black version. This is the only color this comes in and color doesn’t really matter because you’re wearing this underneath an existing jacket anyway.

This is definitely gonna be a premium play from Powerlet, but really what you’re getting is that stretch comfort, it’s gonna be a maximized comfortable jacket compared to some of the other ones on the market.

Starting with the collar, nice wrap around collar on this. There are heating elements in the collar. The tall collar is going to work its way up underneath the helmet to keep wind out and also those heating elements are going to keep the back of your neck warm.

You are going to see those heating elements work all the way down from the chest into the belly giving you maximized warmth and then those heating elements are gonna work their way all the way down the sleeves. You’re gonna see maximized heating elements working its way all the way down the back as well.

When you get to the bottom sleeve, really nice elasticated cuff and this does a great job of making sure there’s no wind pushing itself up the jacket. You’re also going to have connections at each sleeve if you want to plug in your existing gloves. There are plugs directly for the gloves built right into the jacket. And if you’re not using that, there’s a nice little zippered pocket and they store perfectly away.

There’s one large pocket on the left hand side. If you don’t want to wear the wireless remote on your wrist, there is going to be a little pocket inside of the jacket pocket that you can store it in there as well. Just a nice little additional feature.

You’re gonna have this really nice stretch material working its way underneath your arms and also down the side. This is gonna add comfort but you’re not gonna see any heating elements in here so it helps to wick the sweat away a little bit if you start to overheat. Another nice little addition as far as comfort as well as functionality are concerned.

You’re also gonna have a storage pocket on the back. This is gonna be a nice separate piece so if you do start to overheat you want to take it off. It’s a nice little built-in stuff sack you can stuff the jacket into itself and it fits nicely down into a saddlebag.

The controller that comes with the jacket it’s going to be a wireless controller. It allows you to fine-tune exactly where the heat zones come into play.

Once you get on the motorcycle, the first thing you want to do is you have to plug the jacket into your battery. Powerlet includes the battery harness for that. So you get on your motorcycle, you’re going to plug this in and then you’re set to go. All the heating elements are actually controlled by the wireless controller but the garment still has to be plugged in to your battery.

There are other very good 12V heated motorcycle jackets and jacket liners:

  • Warm & Safe 65 Watt Generation
  • California Heat
  • Fieldsheer Hydro
  • EXO2 StormWalker Powersport

Click here for more details about these models!

12V Heated Motorcycle Vest

Mobile Warming Dual Power

heated motorcycle vest

The temperature is simply adjusted by pushing a button located on the right chest, which reflects different kinds of colors. It has four distinct heat settings:

  • red -100%, 149F, 2.5 hours
  • orange – 75%, 132F, 3 hours
  • green – 50%, 118%, 5 hours
  • blue – 25%, 100F, 10 hours

The heating panels are located in the chest, you’ve got one on each side and then you also have a heating panel in the back of the vest as well.

You also get a remote battery along with the product that gives you the ability to be heated when you’re not on the bike. You plug it into the same port you would as if you were plugged into the motorcycle power source.

The outer material is a soft shell material that’s called Windshark. It’s very water resistant and it’s very wind resistant.

Gerbing Heated Vest Liner

12v heated vest

The vest fits really well and any jacket slides right over it with little effort.

It uses microwire heating pads with thermostats. Max heat is 135°F.

It’s got heated front panels, heated back panels and it has the heated collar.

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