Women’s Electric Heated Jacket (6 Great Models)

Ladies, you can easily and quickly beat the long chill with the following electric heated jackets.

They would allow you to stay warm in winter or any other cold climate. That’s not all, they also make fashion statements.

Gerbing 7V Women’s Heated Softshell Jacket

Gerbing 7V Women's Heated Softshell Jacket

The bestseller for years because of its performance and durability. It is the world’s most advanced soft shell jacket.

  • wind blocking and water resistant soft shell
  • in-pocket heat control
  • water resistant weld chest pocket
  • telescopic cuffs
  • adjustable drawcord to trap heat

Battery has 4 heating settings with max heat 135F.

Women’s ActionHeat 5V Battery Heated Jacket

Women's ActionHeat 5V Battery Heated Jacket

This jacket is revolutionary in the world of heated clothing. It uses 5V signal technology, which means that any 5V battery can be used to power it.

It features strategically placed built-in heating panels (front and back) and is made with a material that is lightweight and comfortable with maximum insulation.

Heating time:

  • High: 135F – 3+ Hours
  • Medium: 120F – 5+ Hours
  • Low: 90F – 10+ Hours

Women’s Mobile Warming 7V Aspen Electric Heated Jacket

Women's Mobile Warming 7V Aspen Electric Heated Jacket

It’s lightweight construction makes it perfect for all types of outdoor activities. The 4-way stretch high breathable, waterproof fabric provides additional flexibility.

With water resistant fleece and mesh lining that wicks away moisture.

Three heating panels with steel alloy fiber elements are placed on the front and back.

Battery features built-in 4-level thermo-regulating controls:

  • 100% – 135°F – 2.5 hours
  • 75% – 120°F – 3 hours
  • 50% – 105°F – 5 hours
  • 25% – 90°F – 10 hours

Venture Heat Women’s Escape Heated Softshell Jacket

Venture Heat Women's Escape Heated Softshell Jacket

The entire jacket is lined with an ultra soft plush fleece which provides amazing comfort while at the same time traps the heat.

It is also water resistant and windproof.

The micro-alloy heating panels (one on each chest and one in the back) provide maximum efficient heat transfer.

Powered by any USB power bank. Heat setting and duration:

  • low – 11 hours
  • medium – 6 hours
  • high – 4 hours

Volt Heat 7V CRACOW Insulated Heated Jacket for Women

Volt Heat 7V CRACOW Insulated Heated Jacket for Women

Ultra-lightweight with extraordinary heat retention.

It is constructed with soft, 20 denier mini rip-stop nylon lining and quilted shell filled with 80 grams of compressible polyester fiber insulation.

7v lithium battery powers a 3 zone heat system concentrated in the chest and back.

Provides over 170 degrees of heat. Battery run time depending on the power level:

  • 100% – 2.5 hours
  • 75% – 3.5 hours
  • 50% – 5 hours
  • 25% – 10+ hours

Milwaukee M12 Heated Women’s Jacket

Milwaukee M12 Heated Women's Jacket

With an optimal women’s cut, the jacket integrates carbon fiber heating elements in the back, collar, and pockets.

Wind and water resistant soft shell construction.

High-loft insulation and a brushed thermal lining hold heat in to maximize warmth.

Battery has three heat settings:

  • low – 8hr
  • medium – 4.5hr
  • high – 3.25hr

Stay warm and look great with these electric heated jackets!

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